Saturday , 28 February 2015

G20: Pitt Student Protests, 9/25/09

This post originally included 3 YouTube videos from user “Digeratii” but have “been removed from user”. Sorry. Please check other posts for relevant photos/videos.

Digeratii Video: "Police Take a Photo With Arrested Student"
Digeratii Video: "Pittsburgh Police Take a Photo With Arrested Student"

Digeratii“, a local YouTube/Twitter user shared these videos of the University of Pittsburgh student protests Friday night 9/25.

Digeratii Videos: "Police Fire Non-Lethal Weapon at Students"
Digeratii Video: "Pittsburgh Police Fire Non-Lethal Weapon at Students"

…As the situation escalated, another “Digeratiii” video of tear-gas and rubber bullets just outside of the Hillman Library on the University of Pittsburgh campus. Evidently taking place before the video below.

Digeratii Video - Removed By User
Digeratii Video - Removed By User

…”Digeratiii” shooting this video as he was walking back to his University of Pittsburgh dorm after the gathering in Oakland on Friday 9/25/09. After being ordered to “Go Home”, a student replied “we are home”.

  • joe anybody

    I wouldnt worry about posting your vidoes
    They are of your free speech
    It is a protest
    It is media
    It is yours
    I suggest you keep it up
    Its “your free speech” and expression!
    But I also respect your choice
    to do what you wish with your footage
    joe anybody
    ((( i )))

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