Monday , 25 May 2015

Gas Stations Closed in Oakland

New Get-Go on Baum Blvd, Finally Coming Soon
New Get-Go on Baum Blvd, Finally Coming Soon

The worst place to stop for gas in Oakland is finally being renovated. If you’ve ever stopped at the GetGo gas station at the corner of Baum and Morewood, then you know it was the worst. Long lines for gas, long lines at the checkout, arguments in the parking lot because of people being blocked in or cutting line. It was gas station hell! The only good thing about that place was when the “Go For It” touch-free car wash was only $5 – but then the price  increased and the long lines weren’t worth it anymore.

You’re on Empty… after driving over to the GetGo on fumes and finding out it’s temporarily closed, where else can you go fuel in Oakland?

Sunoco Gas Station on Craig Street in Oakland, Closed
Sunoco Gas Station on Craig Street in Oakland, Closed

Don’t bother heading to the Sunoco station on Craig Street. If you’re lucky enough to make it there without running out of gas, you will find this gas station is also closed. And of course the gas station near CMU on Forbes has been closed for years… So now what?

Exxon on Forbes Avenue, Open
Exxon on Forbes Avenue, Open

Now you try to make your way all the way across Oakland to the Exxon on Forbes. The one that tricks you into believing gas is 10 cents less than it really is. They put a large price (10 cents less than the real price) with a small note saying “Regular w/ Wash” and below it is the real price – and the wash there runs about 10 bucks! But at least you didn’t run out of gas.

(ps-look at the price for regular in the Google Maps image of GetGo…WOW)

  • JPittsburghMark

    And the Sunoco on the Boulevard? Still open! And more in
    oakland than that GetGo is…(Shadyside/Bloomfield)

    • admin

      Not sure which Sunoco on the Blvd you are referring to. Yeah, the location of that GetGo doesn’t feel like Oakland, but it is still located within the 15213 zip code – and all of the landlords on Center Ave exploit that “3” like crazy! They love to make all the students believe their apartments are “close to campus” lol.

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