Firehouse Lounge and Embury Bar - Closing August 1, 2011

Firehouse Lounge and Embury Bar - Closing August 1, 2011 (thanks teejayhanton for the pic)

The Firehouse Lounge, which opened in 2004, will close its doors on August 1, 2011. The report in the Post Gazette stated that the owner (Spencer Warren) couldn’t come to a lease agreement with the landlord. We’re not sure if that means the rent was overpriced or the landlord was stubborn, but we can’t help but wonder if it has anything to do with complaints about the noise from folks who live in the Strip District (yes, people do actually live in the Strip).

Farewell to Pittsburgh’s premiere not-just-rap club. Farewell to DJ Strobe’s global-tech-electro-house nights. Not only was Firehouse one of the most popular late night spots in the Burgh, they had an awesome 1920’s style bar on the ground floor. Boring Pittsburgh briefly covered Embury and their pre-prohibition absinthe cocktails a couple of years ago, and it was very popular.

Spencer Warren told the PG that it was depressing to lose his first business and he might move Embury to Shadyside. Dear Mr. Warren, you’re not losing your first business. Keep your head up and move on. Things change and your business has to adapt to those changes. Oh yeah, and about Shadyside. It would definitely work, but Shadyside has its fair share of lounge-type venues – and the rent/landlords should be discouraging enough. Try Oakland. Yeah, yeah, Oakland has its downsides. But one thing it doesn’t have is an upscale lounge. CMU and Pitt need something like that. Or, maybe you could consider the empty space between Borders and the liquor store in Eastside! It has never had a tenant so it doesn’t come with any karmic baggage, and the rent should be extremely negotiable.

The Post Gazette should have taken time to interview some of the nearby residents. If you or someone you know lives around the soon-to-be closed lounge, we welcome you to leave your comments about the closure below.

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