Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie moving to Pittsburgh

Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie moving to Pittsburgh (flickred by juicyhilz)

Hilary Duff is supposedly moving to Hollywood of the East, and not for movie-making. So what brings Lizzie McGuire to Pittsburgh? Her recent marriage to Mike Comrie who signed a one year contract with the Pens earlier this month.

More than likely she will be bored out of her mind – but we can expect that she won’t leak anything about it to the press because of what happened to actress Sienna Miller when she dared to talk trash about the Burgh. For the record, she quickly apologized for calling it “Shitsburgh“. Here’s a great idea: If the city collected half a penny for every time college students called it that, we wouldn’t have to increase the parking fines.

Comrie on the other hand will probably love this place. Pittsburgh has some of the most loyal sports fans in the world, and he is now part of a team of champions (plus he gets to work in a new arena). He must already know that or else he would not have considered the significant pay cut. Then again, the cost of living here is more affordable than most places, so it all balances out in the end. He has some great hockey experience on the ice – sounds like a win-win! Ironically, Mike’s uncle Fred was also drafted to the Penguins back in 1973.

Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie moving to Pittsburgh

But will they stay for long? (flickred by juicyhilz)

Mr. & Mrs. Comrie, welcome to Boring Pittsburgh.

Update: We were right, Pittsburgh is too boring for Hilary Duff.