Katherine Heigl and One for the Money filming in Shayside (thanks for the photo Stacey)

Katherine Heigl filming "One for the Money" in Shadyside

We’d like to send a shoutout to Barbara Vancheri for mentioning BPGH in the Post Gazette yesterday. She was right on the money about all of the “One for the Money” movie-making tidbits. Check out the Film Notes article titled ‘One for the Money’ continues filming

This is what happens when your city becomes a mini-Hollywood hub.

Earlier this week, a girl posted on boringpittsburgh.com that Taylor Lautner would be shooting close to Federal Street on the North Side. But another poster corrected her — the movie filming near the old Garden Theater is Katherine Heigl’s “One for the Money” and not “Abduction.”


Katherine Heigl (as Stephanie Plum) is currently filming at the Valinsky Apartments on Maryland and Holden in Shadyside (map). Thanks to Stacey for the pics and info.

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