Katherine Heigl stopped at Chaya for sushi in Squirrel Hill!

Katherine Heigl stopped at Chaya for sushi in Squirrel Hill!

Looks like Taylor Lautner isn’t the only Hollywood celebrity in town. All the guys in Pittsburgh are already sick of hearing about the werewolf, but at least they have the option to star-stalk Katherine Heigl who began shooting One for the Money in Ambridge yesterday. She must have asked someone where to get good sushi in Pittsburgh, because she ended up at Chaya on Murray Ave in Squirrel Hill. A server named Margaret Singer was lucky enough to get a picture with the Knocked Up star.

This is perfect timing for Margaret (aka @kissncry) who just launched her own vlog at TheOtherMaggie. In fact, she just posted an episode all about her A-list celebrity encounter called “Meeting a Celebrity at Work is Pretty Much Awesome“.

In One For The Money, Katherine is playing the role of Stephanie Plum, an unemployed lingerie buyer who becomes a bounty hunter to pay the bills. Although the movie is filmed here, it will be taking place in Trenton, New Jersey. Filming will continue around the Pittsburgh area until late August. We’re pretty sure they found all the extras they need, but you can always contact Nancy Moser Casting to find out.

To add even more validity to the claim that Pittsburgh is the Hollywood of the East, we found out about another feature film that is being shot in the Burgh. I Am Number Four has been using Franklin Regional High School since the end of June – and will be in Pittsburgh until the beginning of August.

Nine alien teens come to Earth after their planet is destroyed by an enemy species. But soon discover that their enemy is now after them on Earth.