Liberty Bridge/Tunnel Construction Fire 9/2/16Chances are you already know about the Liberty Bridge fire because you either a) saw it trending on twitter; b) saw the huge cloud of smoke; c) you got stuck in traffic; or all three.

The photo above was submitted by @PGHBornnbred and shows a nice view of the flames.

Where were you at when you captured the photo?

“PNC Firstside which is right on the Parkway East – it’s from our break room.”

We went searching for an explanation.

Liberty Bridge/Tunnel Construction Fire Godzilla

No, Godzilla wasn’t in town. Although it would’ve been a cool story, Bro. (Follow @AltHistories and visit for more like this.)

Liberty Bridge/Tunnel Construction Fire Wiz Khalifa MemeNo, Wiz Khalifa wasn’t back in Pittsburgh for Labor Day Weekend.

Then #wtfpgh happened!?

It was a tarp and plastic piping from the construction zone that caught on fire. The original budget for the Liberty Bridge Rehabilitation Project was $80 million, but this little mishap is bound to add to that figure.

The bridge (and tunnel) will be closed during the holiday weekend and likely long after that. For detours, check the full press-release here.

Live video footage: