Thursday , 28 May 2015

PA Film Tax Credit Program Frozen

The temperature outside is warming up, but the chance of Pittsburgh being on the silver screen again is frozen in Harrisburg.

We received tips left and right (even from readers in Canada!) about the freeze on the state’s Film Production Tax Credit Program. The same program that helped Pittsburgh get Jake Gyllenhaal and Love and Other Drugs to film here. The same program that encouraged The Next Three Days to bring Russell Crowe here… Denzel Washington and Unstoppable, Taylor Lautner, etc.

Hollywood can film anything they want on their own turf. They build sets to look like the midst of the Pacific Ocean or the landscape of the Moon. But the Film Tax Credit Program enticed producers to step outside of their town and travel 2,500 miles to Pittsburgh. Just as the city was starting to earn recognition as “Hollywood of the East,” the chances of retaining that title are being forever eliminated by a few signatures on paper.

Do you love this city as much as you claim? Then prove it. Contact your local officials – the people hired by you – and tell them to keep Hollywood in the Burgh. Help keep Pittsburgh unboring!

Tell Harrisburg: Stop the Freeze on the PA Film Tax Credit Immediately

Pennsylvania stands to lose five feature films including the latest Batman movie, “The Dark Knight Rises” and a Walden Media Film, if Harrisburg doesn’t end the freeze on the Film Tax Credit.

Five upcoming films that are currently scouting Pittsburgh are in jeopardy because Harrisburg has just put a Freeze on the remaining funds in the PA Film Tax Credit Program, until the state budget is passed next month.  Walden media has said that if the Money isn’t released in the next few days they will be going elsewhere.  We are hearing that the Batman movie will also leave (Pittsburgh is set to shoot 60 percent of this film here).

Please take a moment to send a message to the Governor and your representatives. Tell them to end the freeze on the PA Film Tax credit.   Go to the “Take Action now” bar below and follow the prompts. You will find a letter there that we have prepared to get you started.  You may edit the text of the letter if you wish.

Are you too lazy to type an email about this issue?
No worries! The Southwestern PA Filmmakers Studio Mechanics Local 489 has this site with the email all typed up for you and can automatically send the message to the offices of the Governor and State Representatives.

I can’t see the video above because I’m reading this on my RSS reader…
Watch the video here


Governor Tom Corbett made a budget address and part of his plan included keeping the Film Production Tax Credit Program at the current $60 million!

  • J Calvin

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! Well done!

  • Unimpressed

    This is illogical. If they don’t film in Pa, the state has no chance of making anything from the movie making industry. But even with the credit, if they make movies here, there is a ton of runoff from it like the video said.

    Do they really believe that Hollywood will still film in PA without this program?

  • http://pghfilmer PGH Filmer

    This one should be posted in WTF PGH

  • Puck Fittsburgh

    Perfect timing, just when Batman and other movie crews are trying to figure out their schedule of filming locations.

  • snides

    Did anyone (the studio, producers or Pgh film office) even confirm we were getting Batman to begin with — or even in the running for it?? I’ve heard no comment from the studio so far (other than an official “no comment”) and it would really suck if everyone gets in a tizzy thinking Batman is coming here and it turns out it was just a ploy to pressure Harrisburg to extend the credit by dangling one of the biggest movie franchises in history in front of us. It would be one thing if the studio said, “Yeah, we’ll come to Pittsburgh and shoot….only if you extend the PA tax credit.” But, so far, no one is saying anything. I think lawmakers want something a little more concrete and if they do pass the credit, and Batman doesn’t come here, well…a lot of people will feel duped.
    The tax credit is the right thing to do regardless, it creates jobs, brings in out of town money and glamorizes the region, but I haven’t heard word 1 from anyone officially associated with the film say they were even considering Pittsburgh–other than a little ‘rumor’ article in The Hollywood Reporter. And, as we all know, that could have been planted to spur action on the lawmakers part. I just think we should get a little more information before we bow down to a studio that hasn’t said a word yet on whether or not they’re even considering Pittsburgh.

    • PGH Filmer

      There are many inconsistencies in your comment.

      Extending the film tax credit has nothing to do with Batman filming in Pittsburgh or not. The extension needs to happen with or without Batman. If there is no tax credit program, there is no chance Batman or any other film will be created in Pittsburgh in the near future.

      The studio execs have expressed interest in filming in Pittsburgh to the extent of scouting out location. What more are you looking for? Studios rarely make an official announcement that far away from actual filming.

  • Ya Jagoff

    I know that the new Governor has a tough job to increase revenue and/or cut expenses to balance the budget. I don’t know all of the numbers and how they pan out but it should SEEMS that having the tax credit raises other revenue (i.e. income tax, gas tax, tax on food, etc). Has anyone ever objectively run the numbers to help this cause?

  • Thomas

    Christopher Nolan (the director of the new Batman film) and his crew are scouting here in Pittsburgh, someone took a pic of him on Smithfield Street,

    Christopher Nolan Scouting Locations in Pittsburgh for BATMAN!

    • Boring Pittsburgh

      Thanks for posting the pic!

  • Ken

    We need the tax credit program.

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  • Paulie Walnuts

    Chris Nolan is in town today!

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  • Amy G.

    What’s going on with the tax credit? Are there any updates?

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