ParkPGH helps you find parking in Cultural District garages (pic @dmuth)

Wired featured the recently updated ParkPGH app today, and talked about the CMU research and psychic algorithms that make up the backbone of the service. Yes, psychic. This app not only tells you which garages have open space for your hoopty, it also kindly predicts which garage will have open space by the time you arrive. Great read, but the highlight of the article was found in the comments:

Smart parking – now if only Pittsburgh could get a smart mayor! – Jess Nock

All joking aside, if you work Downtown in the day or enjoy theater events in the evening, this app is for you. ParkPGH is a huge success for many reasons, but mainly because it really works!

They thought of everything and left no one behind. For example, iPhone users can download the app, while other phone users can simply open the mobile site in a browser. Still using a caveman phone? Then text ‘PARKING’ to 412-423-8980. Too cheap to text, or using a payphone? Call 412-423-8980. All bases covered.

Pittsburgh finally has something to make those arrogant New Yorkers green with envy. However, we still can’t help but feel sorry for public transportation’s lack of similar technology. Sure, the Tiramisu team is hacking their best code together on their own time and dime, but public transportation needs some hardcore Deep Local involvement backed by old money, like the ParkPGH project.

If only the Burgh could release an app that would help people become less dependent on their cars instead of more dependent on their phones… think about it.

Where can I get the ParkPGH app?
Download it on iTunes here

How much is it?

But I don’t have an iPhone…
Then check out for real-time updates

Pittsburgh made Perez Hilton and Wired this week (and it’s only Tuesday). Pittsburgh FTW!