A Pittsburgh Pirates fan was tasered, beaten with a night stick, and arrested during a game at PNC Park during the Rockies game. We’ve received countless tips about it in our inbox. Thanks!

At about 0:12 seconds, another fan tries to high-five the guy but was intercepted by a security guard, so “USA” retaliated with an elbow jab at the guard. That’s when the taser is fired.

The rapid clicking sound is the taser. It got stuck on his coat and had little effect. That’s why he mockingly says “ooohhh” and gets hit across his neck with a baton. He says “don’t hit me” and gets slammed upside the head. Then thrown to the ground. “You think it’s a f*ckin joke?”

The lady you hear confronting the police by yelling “stop it” in the background supposedly works for KDKA (no confirmation) and eventually she was also handcuffed and escorted outside.

Scott “USA” Ashley (whom some people said looks like Stone Cold Steve Austin) was held for three nights in jail and charged at least $5,000 for disorderly conduct at the game. Someone anonymously paid $5,000 bond for him to get out. Read the story here.

The unidentified donor posted the bail, saying he felt Scott Ashley, 41, didn’t deserve the beating and he wanted to help him, sources told reporter Alan Jennings.

As if being a Pirates fan isn’t bad enough…

Pirates games are boring. People go for three reasons:

  1. To get drunk.
  2. To take pictures of the city and send them to Twitter/Facebook.
  3. Because the tickets are cheap (or free).

Arguably, a fourth reason could be for the Pierogi races.


Should he have been beaten and tasered?