Jon Delano - Dude in the News Challenge

Dude Delano never runs from a good challenge

Jon Delano is big time when it comes to Pittsburgh, politics, and… Twitter. A quick scan through his CBS profile page would have you wondering where this dude finds enough time to tweet as much as he does. After working 14 years in Congress, Dude Delano (as we call him) became a political analyst at KDKA. Now he is the Money & Politics Editor, the host of the Sunday Business Page, a monthly columnist, a CMU Heinz College (#BurghVerified) Adjunct Professor, a volunteer, a dad, and a popular Twitter personality.

Dots and Dudes

If you are in Pittsburgh and on Twitter, you’ve probably seen one of @JonDelano’s tweets – he has sent over 15,000 of them since he started his Twitter account in March of 2009. Jon is also one of the first Twitter users in the Burgh to start putting a dot before his @ replies. When replying to your followers on Twitter, only they can see the reply in their timeline. Delano uses this dot trick so that all of his followers can read his replies. Clever.

Jon also uses the word “dude” a lot on Twitter. We realized this a few weeks ago when he was defending his reasons for not wanting to grow a mustache again like in the photo above – because it would be “totally grey, dude” and he’s not willing to color it. That’s when Boring Pittsburgh challenged the dude himself to use that word in an upcoming news report (we also happen to know that Jon will never run away a good challenge).

Jon Delano JonDelano@BoringPGH Ha. So your challenge is to work ‘dude’ into one of my TV stories? Hmmm. And what would I get?

We’re pleased to announce that Dude Delano accepted the challenge and found a way to work dude into one of his stories. Watch Jon’s short clip about the Pittsburgh Pirates below…

Great job, dude!