Forget about everything you ever thought you knew about Pittsburgh, the news, and Pittsburgh news – cuz you don’t even know it.

Pittsburgh Ghetto News Report is a video series that was launched on YouTube this week. Episode one covered everything from Furries to same-sex couples benefits, with a sneak peak at La Coca’s new music video at the end.

NPR don’t got shit on PGNR. We love Pittsburgh vlogs and think this has potential to be the best Pittsburgh related news show to hit the Burgh ( we still love you Cap‘n Morley).

The web series is brought to yo ass by Meech aka Mr_412. According to his Twitter bio, Meech was in the Army for 5 years, did Pittsburgh School Security for 8.5 years, and has been a video producer/editor for 11 years.

If you have a ghetto news story that needs covered, hit up MR_412, the Ghetto News Reporter himself at @burghjitney.

Pittsburgh Ghetto News Report