Canton Ave in Beechview Pittsburgh, Steepest Street in USA

Canton Ave in Beechview Pittsburgh, the steepest street in USA (by daveynin)

The big news (and most shared article) in Pittsburgh today is that we got a score of 100/100 from a site called Walk Score. For once, we actually we actually beat other cities in something other than football and hockey. Pittsburgh is so boring that we tend to get really excited over being mentioned in any type of “Best of” rankings or polls. The worst part is how other local sites share this story as if it means something. Did the folks over at travel to Pittsburgh, live here for a few years, then come up with a score based on their experiences of actually walking around the Burgh? Or did they study a few Google maps and plug in some distance variables to a proprietary scoring formula that they designed for their site?

Either way, the Post-Gazette reports that four of our neighborhoods got a Walker’s Paradise score of 90-100, including Central Business District (often referred to as “Downtown”), South Side (obviously the Flats, not the Slopes lol), North Oakland (don’t trip over beer cans and trash), and Lower Lawrenceville.

BikePGH made an excellent point on their Facebook post:

… as you see from this article there are a few shortcomings associated with how the score is generated. For example, it does not take topography or infrastructure into account. Also this score doesn’t take into account how likely a motorist is to “yield to pedestrians in crosswalks.” …

Is anyone up for making a music video parodying walkers climbing up hilly roads and attempting to cross the streets of Pittsburgh? It should be titled “Walker’s Paradise” and have a Coolio type voice rapping a song about it in the background.

Some Walk Scores from other cities:

Internet Marketing Tip #6,520: Drive traffic to your site by publishing some random rankings and poll results about various cities in the Unites States. It works every time.

It feels good to be listed on lists and we know you guys really love these ranking things, so we’ve added Pittsburgh’s Walk Score badge to the side of BPGH  (right below our sponsors). Feel free to stare at it with pride – after clicking the banners above it.