The Dicks Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Half Marathon/Marathon took runners on a wet tour on the streets May 15, 2011. Ryan Sheehan of the Hanson Running project took the lead early in the half but a strong group of Africans including the half marathon winner Nicholas Kurgat broke away after 10km by running a 4:43. In the Mens Marathon a large group of Africans including runnerup David Rutoh pushed the pace early however, Jeff Eggleston of Flagstaff, Arizona who was brought in to help pace the elite american men for the first 18miles at the Olympic Qualifying Standard time was not far behind. Eggleston caught the group shortly after his pacing duties were over and started to push the pace which caused the group of runners to be trimmed down. Eventually with 2 miles to go the race between Rutoh and Eggleston however Rutoh could not hold the pace and Eggleston held on for victory. (video link)

Congratulations to all of the runner that worked their asses off in preparation for the big run yesterday! We’d like to send a special shoutout to @MichaelSally, the Boring Pittsburgh #BurghVerified marathoner. Excellent video coverage above by TeamBoyceProductions!

A few things must be pointed out about this annual event:

  • Pittsburgh Marathon” has been a local trending topic on Twitter since the weekend. Boring Pittsburgh isn’t sure if that’s due to people tweeting their finishing times or because of all the ranting about road closures.
  • Calling it the “Dick’s Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon” is boring! Enough is enough with branding everything under the sun.
  • The winner usually isn’t even from Pittsburgh… not even from USA for that matter! Wait, has the winner ever been a Pittsburgher?

boring PITTSBURGH BoringPGHHow many of you were standing on the sidelines this morning with a box of donuts while cheering for the runners in the Pittsburgh marathon?  

boring PITTSBURGH BoringPGHOk, Pittsburgh. Marathon is over. Now let’s go back to talking about smoking dope and eating oversize sandwiches with deep fried toppings!