Thursday , 28 May 2015

Pittsburgh: Ranked 9th on Another Lame List

Pittsburgh ranked as one of the 21 Underappreciated and Forgotten Pleasures by Men's Health
Pittsburgh ranked as one of the 21 Underappreciated and Forgotten Pleasures by Men's Health

A list was published by Men’s Health magazine that placed Pittsburgh 9th out of 21 Underappreciated and Forgotten Pleasures. Why did our boring city land a spot on the list? Because according to Men’s Health, Pittsburgh is…

Beautiful, fun, surprising, cheap. (Like that girl in ’92.)

We’ll give them 3 out of 4. When the gloomy skies aren’t hovering over the city, there is a beautiful skyline. When the cost of a parking ticket jumps from $15 to $30 for no good reason, it’s somewhat surprising. If you relocated here from Manhattan, you might think it’s cheap - this can also be used to describe some of the employers in this town. The second word is what troubles us: Fun isn’t one of the first five adjectives that comes to mind when thinking of Pittsburgh. Try it… leave 5 words that describe Pittsburgh in the comments section below. Fun won’t be one of them.

A Pittsburgher commented on the list:

Pittsburgh is only a (pleasant) surprise to people who haven’t been there before. Let the unknowing and ignorant continue to think that it’s smoky and dirty (an image that’s 40 years out of date) – we know better. Nice to see the Burgh get some love, but sometimes it’s better to keep your head down, fly under the radar. Many a good thing has been ruined by publicity.

Awesome, we made it on another list! But, we’re not sure how we can take any of this seriously since the Burgh is sandwiched between Real Breasts (ranked 8th) and A Spanking (ranked 10th).

  • AJ

    That list was pointless. Magazines are so desperate for readers that whey will print anything as long as they can attract enough attention that people will click a link or buy an issue at a super market checkout.

  • Beth Lee

    beautiful picture

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