President Barack Obama with his Steelers jersey (fantastic shot via jdebner on flickr)

President Barack Obama with his Steelers jersey (fantastic shot via jdebner on flickr)

President Barack Obama will be in Pittsburgh tomorrow (Wednesday, June 2nd) to give an address from Carnegie Mellon University. The event will take place at the Wiegand Gymnasium starting at about 1:30pm. Only “special” people are invited to attend, so everyone else will have to listen to the streaming audio here.

You won’t want to go near the university anyway. The campus will pretty much be on lock-down starting at about 8:00am when the University Center, which is where everything is, will close until 3pm. The parking meters on Margaret Morrison, Tech, and Frew are all “yellow bagged” to indicate No Parking. Oh yeah, and the UC garage + College of Fine Arts and Dougherty parking lots will also be no-go-zones. Luckily (unluckily for local businesses) most of the students are gone for the summer, but it must be a major annoyance for the students who stayed on campus for summer school.

The President is coming all the way to Boring Pittsburgh to speak about the state of our boring economy. The last time Obama spoke at CMU was back in 2008 (see the video below). Of course, who could forget the most memorable time he was in the Burgh… during the G20 in 2009.

The Mayor of Pittsburgh, Luke Ravenstahl, uh where did he go? Mr. Mayor? He was here, he might have slipped out… cuz he’s got potholes to fill.

Interesting that even back then, the mayor was slipping away during important events… just kidding. Will the mayor be there this time?

When will the University Center @ CMU be closed?
Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010 from 8am – 3pm

What’s the Carnegie Mellon University Center Info Desk’s phone number?

Where can we park around CMU?
Try Beeler, but also try not to get a parking ticket.

Traffic Updates:

  • The presidential motorcade is traveling to and from Carnegie Mellon today via Boulevard of the Allies
  • Expect restrictions at intersections along the motorcade route
  • Restrictions will probably last about 10 – 15 minutes
  • Anticipated times are between 11:30 am – 12:30 pm, and between 3:15 pm – 3:30 pm… but these times could change