Four years ago when the first wave of Ferguson protests occurred, the demonstrations lasted over 2 weeks. Pittsburghers were following the events and watching the live streams, and many were glad it wasn’t here. Now it is.

It’s been two days since Antwon Rose was shot in the back by East Pittsburgh police, and now protests are starting to spread across the city.

Rallies began at noon today at the Allegheny County Courthouse in Downtown Pittsburgh:

Later in the day, protests began in East Pittsburgh. The crowd started moving and making their way to I-376 Parkway East, effectively shutting it down.

Demonstrators blocked both sides of the highway, resulting in traffic being rerouted for over 6 hours.

The March From East Pittsburgh

7:41PM – The earliest tweet we could find mentioning the protest moving towards the parkway.

The Parkway Shutdown @ Wilkinsburg Exit 78B

Pitching Tents on the Parkway

12:20AM – In this Facebook Live video by Ciora Thomas aka @sistersPGH, protestors were talking about getting tents and sleeping all night on the parkway. They are planning to stay all night, even if it means getting arrested, and calling for people to bring tents and umbrellas.


End of the Road

12:46AM – Protestors have been notified that they will be arrested if they remain on the parkway after 1:00AM.

12:50AM – State police threatened to clear the parkway with force.

One Arrest

Ciora Thomas stayed true to her word and held her ground until she was arrested. Out of the entire group, she was the only one that did not budge.

And Facebook:

“I cant afford to give up!! To much at stake!! I cant leave when everyone else has to!! To much at stake!! I gotta stand and keep standing!! Black transwomen have no choice but to keep fighting even when our backs are against the pavement!! Black transwomen been battling for us all!! I’m no different!! The tears wont stop but will they ever while protecting black lives? This fight is not over even if i have to be arrested 100 times!! #BlacklivesmattersPGH #BlackTransLivesMatterPGH” –Ciora Thomas

The Mayor of Pittsburgh Responds

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