Coming Soon: GetGo on S. Braddock Ave in Regent Square

Coming Soon: GetGo on S. Braddock Ave in Regent Square

In what has been an ongoing story since last September, GetGo has recently broken ground for their new Regent Square location.

Reasons why this is a good idea:

  • Locals won’t have to drive as far to redeem their Fuel Perks.
  • The cop cars that usually park in that dark lot at night trying to trap people, won’t be able to do it anymore since the GetGo will be 24/7.

Reasons why this is a terrible idea:

  • The traffic in that intersection already sucks, sometimes backing up all the way to Frick Park.
  • GetGo gas stations are impossible to get in and out of because everyone is trying to save the measly 10 cents that probably ended up costing them $8 extra in overpriced food at Giant Eagle.
  • It could negatively impact the rest of the Regent Square business district, most notably the almost legendary Braddock Avenue Express corner store.
  • The buttons on the pump never line up with the text on the screen. (this isn’t a reason, but it’s extremely annoying)

List your own reasons in the comments below…

The big question is why don’t they open a GetGo in the Edgewood Towne Center where it could produce a bigger opportunity to increase revenue for the neighborhood? Ever since Waterfront opened, Edgewood Towne Center has been going downhill faster than rolling a bowling ball down Canton Ave.

Ton a vacant space exists in the back of the parking lots around the Big K-Mart and that restaurant that changes its name every 2 years (remember when it used to be an Italian Oven?). Plus there is a Giant Eagle there already!

Back in the early 2000s, the first GetGo locations were always located near Giant Eagle stores like they are in Monroeville, Waterfront, and Robinson. Then GetGo gas stations started popping up in places like Oakland, Squirrel Hill, and now Regent Square. The Squirrel Hill store is a vast improvement to the roofless BP that was always under what seemed to be endless construction. The revamped Oakland GetGo is still a war-zone of aggressive, gas hungry yinzers that can’t drive… and now the new one in Regent Square is going to be equally as bad, if not worse. Simply put, it’s a bad idea.

The residents of Regent Square also think it’s a bad idea. You know, the people who took out 30 year mortgages and plan on spending most of their lives in that area? Yeah, them. They put together a petition against the new GetGo, but as we already found out with the Civic Arena demolition, the voice of the local people means diddly-squat when up against buying power.