"The Next Three Days" Haddad's trucks on Bigelow Blvd

“The Next Three Days” Haddad’s trucks on Bigelow Blvd

Haddad’s trucks are posted up throughout the University of Pittsburgh campus. Nope, it’s not “Love and Other Drugs” filming this time…  “The Next Three Days” starring Russell Crowe is responsible for taking up all the parking spaces this time!

Terrible Towel proudly hanging on the back of a film truck.

Terrible Towel proudly hanging on the back of a film truck

We already know Mr. Crowe is a proud Pittsburgh Pirates fan, and now his film crew has their Terrible Towel prominently displayed on one of their trailers!

Along with Russell Crowe, a handful of other celebrities are in town including Olivia Wilde, Elizabeth Banks, Jake Gyllenhaal, Anne Hathaway, Wu-Tang Clan rapper RZA, Chris Pine, Denzel Washington… although still no Denzel encounters to report. Stay tuned for more Pittsburgh Hollywood updates.

"The Next Three Days" filming at University of Pittsburgh

“The Next Three Days” filming at the University of Pittsburgh

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