'Secret agent L' is on a mission: Spreading kindness, on CNN Living

Spreading kindness on CNN Living

At about 8am this morning, Pittsburgh’s very own Secret Agent L was featured on CNN. SAL (aka Laura Miller) performed the interview like a star. Check out the video where we learned a few things that we might not have known before:

  • Secret Agent L has built an army of kindness to about 80 affiliated agents around the globe so far!
  • The #helloSAL coming out fundraiser party raised over $1,500 for the National Alliance on Mental Illness
  • SAL is 32 (she looks like 22)
  • She works at Duquesne University

She often receives e-mails afterwards from gift recipients to her secret agent account.

“One of the sort of themes that I’ve noticed in these e-mails is that they all seem to find things on days when they’re having a really bad day,” she says.

Nice of you to get on the bandwagon CNN, but we’ve been covering Secret Agent L since like 2009 :P. Joking. But seriously, being featured on CNN for something that’s not all negative and scary is a big deal. Thanks to the publicity on a major media stream like that is bound to take the SAL project further than Laura probably ever imagined. She already has about 220 comments on the CNN Living page! Her army just skyrocketed from 80 Affiliated Agents to infinity and beyond!

Secret Agent L SecretAgentL – @KellyDiane honey, i’ve now got almost 500 emails in my inbox. i can’t even LOOK at my email. maybe you could send it to my work one?

Other recent SAL media coverage  includes Pittsburgh Magazine, WTAE, and the Huffington Post. Stay updated with the updates and visit the Secret Agent L Press Page.

Congratulations to Secret Agent L!

UPDATE: Secret Agent L was mentioned by Wheezy Waiter… Now we’re just waiting for her to get invited to the Ellen Show.


UPDATE: Secret Agent L was mentioned on the very first episode of  The Cap’n Morley Show!