Levin Furniture, Bangkok Balcony, Little's Shoes Fire on Forbes Avenue

Levin Furniture, Bangkok Balcony, Littles Shoes Fire on Forbes Avenue

There was a fire in the storefront of Levin’s Sleep Center this morning which caused the entire block of Forbes Avenue between Shady and Murray to be shut down. The smoke from the burning mattresses (and whatever else they sold there) caused damage to Littles Shoes and Bangkok Balcony upstairs. Even hours later, the lingering odor from the smoke was intoxicating and reeked of poisonous fumes. The Thai restaurant will be closed for a little while, and the shoes on that side of the shoe store will need replaced. Maybe they’ll have a big sale to dump all their damaged shoes – or they can donate them.

Shout out to #BurghVerified Colin Dean (@) for the on scene pic and video below. At least when we report the news we tell the world who tipped us.

@ColinDean - #BurghVerified on-scene news reporter

@ColinDean - #BurghVerified on scene news reporter