Thursday , 28 May 2015

Taylor Lautner Filming “Abduction” Movie

"Me and Taylor Lautner!! OMG" via @woahxcorri on Twitter
Taylor Lautner with fan @woahxcorri at Hamton High School in Pittsburgh Filming Abduction!

Have you seen the yellow ABX Productions signs around town? There’s a star in town. That’s right Twilight fanatics, Taylor Lautner, otherwise known as Jacob Black, is on location in Pittsburgh for the next two months. Filming starts today (July 12th) through September 22, 2010.

During the first day of shooting, Taylor and the film crew were working at Hampton High School in Allison Park (map). According to their website, the entire school is closed Monday, July 12 and Tuesday, July 13.  Hampton High must be pretty excited because the name of the school, the mascot, even their team fight song will all be included in the film. Out of the hundreds of people who waited all morning and afternoon to get a glimpse of the werewolf, Corri was the lucky one to have the stud’s face pressed up against hers for the lovely snapshot above.

Corri woahxcorri – Taylor Lautner filming a movie. On a motorcycle. 30 feet in front of me. He is FINE AS HELL. And 10x cuter in real life

If you thought fans were going psycho over Jake Gyllenhaal and Russell Crowe when they filmed in Pittsburgh, you ain’t seen nothing yet. We heard rumors of teenage girls sitting outside of Taylor’s temporary house at Virginia Manor in Mount Lebanon for hours. The casting call for extras was on June 30th and attracted nearly 2,000 people to CMU. Twilight fans are driving from all over the country in hopes to catch a glimpse. All of these are indicators that…

The celebrity stalking has definitely begun!

Emily Rizzo erizzox3 – Just touched taylor lautner and I’m dying. I got a pic with him kinda hahaha. Ahh.

Amber DarkAmberrr – OMG Taylor Lautner is IN Pittsburgh today & tomorrow filming a movie. Whyyyyyyy am I not home!!?? *jealous*

Donna =) PiWizJediWolf – exciting day today! gonna find Taylor Lautner… Pittsburgh is only so big! =)

Joshua Potanko PghNightmare – Great. Just read that Taylor Lautner guy is in pittsburgh for three months. Shoot me now.

Logan Himich xxlogannn – taylor lautner’s in pittsburgh for the next 3 months filming? mmm, i MUST see him. :)

Ashlee Sophia McGill AshleexSoph – i wanna go to pittsburgh And find the set of Abduction and see taylor lautner;)

Danielle Banas daniellebanas – Eclipse made me more determined than ever to meet Taylor Lautner. Therere only 400,000 people in Pittsburgh. He cant be that hard to find…

Julie :) NeedMyStars – Im going to stalk taylor lautner while he is in pittsburgh ;)

JJElektric JJElektric – I don’t want to stalk Taylor Lautner while he’s in Pittsburgh, but will somebody PLEASE make sure he eats at Primanti’s while he’s here???

The movie is called Abduction and is directed by John Singleton (Boyz n the Hood, Poetic Justice, Four Brothers). Part of the production team will include Taylor’s dad, Dan Lautner, who created a production company called Tailor Made Entertainment. Some of the other names you might recognize include Sigourney Weaver, Maria Bello, and Jason Isaacs. No word yet if these folks are in town with Taylor or not. Without spoiling the movie, here’s a brief plot synopsis:

A thriller centered on a young man (Taylor Lautner) who sets out to uncover the truth about his life after finding his baby photo on a missing persons website.

Although Taylor is a Detroit Red Wings fan (give him a break, that’s where he’s from), he seems to be enjoying Pittsburgh so far. On Saturday, July 3rd he had dinner at P.F. Changs in the Waterfront. After his meal, he stopped over at the Loews movie theater and popped in on a showing of the latest Twilight Saga episode, Eclipse.

Taylor Lautner filming at Hampton High School in Pittsburgh via @fboriginals
Taylor Lautner filming at Hampton High School in Pittsburgh via @fboriginals

Do you have the inside scoop on the Abduction filming in Pittsburgh? Send your pictures and tips to


  • meg

    this is so exciting for pittsburgh!

    • Boring Pittsburgh
    • Anonymous123;)

      So Jealous of you fans in Pittsburgh! I’v always wanted to meet Taylor hear he is amazingly super sweet to all of his fans. I really love that about him!!!!!! Vask in the glory while you can! !!!!GO TEAM TAYLOR ;)!!!!

  • Katlyn

    I saw the ABX signs! Does anyone know where he will be hanging out? I heard he is really sweet to his fans.

    • Christina

      He down at the Waterfront last weekend but I doubt he would go back there. Then again, there’s nothing to do in Mount Lebo so he probably won’t be hanging out much there either. We all have to remember that he is here to work not play hehe.

    • lebo

      my friend said she saw him up town

    • Anonymous123;)

      Me too! I really hope he is suuuuper sweet to his fans. Hope to meet him someday HUGE fan eeeeeeeek!!!! LOVE him 4Ever

  • Stacey Lolz

    Hey there’s nothing wrong with being a celebrity stalker! Just kidding. OMG he is hotness though.

  • PGH Filmer

    Taylor Lautner seems like a very nice guy but I don’t think he’ll be getting a Steelers “tramp stamp” like Jake did. On another note, the more movies in Pittsburgh the better.

    • Boring Pittsburgh

      LOL you might be right, PGHFilmer, but we know one thing for sure… he definitely won’t be getting a Penguins tattoo.

      • lebo

        i wish he would

  • http://AbbyJean Jean Abby

    Hi, I heard they will be filming with Taylor somewhere on the Blvd of the Allies near Downtown or he was already, I’m not sure. By the way, I tried to comment earlier and it told me to “slow down”. I don’t know why.

    • Boring Pittsburgh

      Hi Jean, there was an issue earlier but it is resolved now. Thanks for the email!

  • http://craigcarson Craig Carson

    Do you know if they are still looking for extras for any of the other filming dates?

    • Christina

      As far as I know, they are done looking for extras, at least for the Hampton High School scene. A lot of the kids that go to that school are going to be extras, like the band players. There’s always a chance they will need people for later shoot dates.

      • Stefany

        Are you sure they’re done looking for them?
        I sent in a headshot and resume and so did my friend but we haven’t gotten a call. It’s upsetting, but I’m not sure if they want us to play later parts or something…

      • Christina

        I think they are done with that scene because they are only scheduled to be there yesterday and today. Maybe you will get lucky and they will call you for other parts.

      • PGH Filmer

        Stefany: It’s standard practice not to call and tell you “no”. They don’t like to burn bridges. They might not need you, but they will hang on to your information just in case they do.

  • Steph Ludwig

    I was up there today but nothing much was going on. I really wanted to be an extra but didn’t make it to the auditions :(

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  • Craig Carson

    Does any one know exactly what happens when you audition to be an extra?

    • Laura

      More important than the audition is that you actually fit the look they are searching for. As long as you fit the role, the whole ‘audition’ process is very quick. Go and fill out an online profile at and they will contact you if they have anything they need you for. Good luck!

  • Julia

    I wish I can run into Taylor… <3

    • Daniiii

      ceep dreaming

  • Chuck Borowitz

    Tyler, if you are reading this, I love you.

    • Havana

      Me too!

      • Chuck Borowitz

        I wasn’t being serious.

      • Havana

        So what. I was being serious. Taylor Lautner, I love you.

  • diane

    is virginia manor a neighborhood or a “community”? is he staying there or living there? i really want to go see but i do not want to show up where he is living .. that would be weird.

    • http://bg Brian Gregory

      Virginia Manor is in Mount Lebanon. We haven’t had this much attention in Mt. Lebo in… uh… well, we never had this much attention here!

  • Havana

    Taylor Lautner is living pn Osage Road right near my house!

    • Havana


  • britttt

    Anybody know film locations for july 17th? My little sister is three and we would love to catch a glimpse of him.

    • Christina

      The Abduction crew has been on Osage Road in Mount Lebanon all week, and was there today so I think they will be filming there tomorrow too.

  • Kait

    Listen, does anyone know where he is filing Tuesday and Wednesday I met him last night but I want to knw where this two days.

    • Jackie

      Where did you meet him?

  • Kait

    Mt. Lebo does anyone knw for sure where they will be July 19-26?

  • Jen K

    He will be on the North Side this week.

    • Jen K

      Around AGH (North Ave. and Federal streets are closed.)

      • aidinslevel

        WRONG… I was just down there, it is Katherine Heigl’s movie *One for the Money* filming….

  • brittt

    Where at on the north side?

  • Lisa Moore

    I was told by his security that he would be filming on Osage for a while longer but would be in Northside in between.

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  • Bren

    hey does anyone know where taylor will be in august at all? like august 14th through the 29th?

    • Lisa Moore

      He is scheduled to be at an ice cream place in Sutersville, PA in August. At least that’s what I heard.

    • Haley

      I Met Him In Suterville
      We Asked The Police Guard Because We’re Good Friend’s With Him
      And He’ll Be There Until Saturday

  • Jamie Ruby

    Yes I read that too, he will be filming behind Yough Twister in Sutersville on August 2- 5

  • Emmy

    Does anyone know where hes filming this week? And where do you find this information?!? I cant get anything!!!

  • Kaitlyn

    Lol im in Pittsburgh PA right now staying with my brother… i guess were going to a museum 2moro and ill be a couple blocks away from him unfortunately, i probably wont meet him… lol.

  • Daniiii

    omg i movi just moved from lebo last year so jelouse lol


    i want to try to go and just get a glimpse of him on saturday but i don’t want to go to the wrong place. does anyone know where he’ll be? federal street? osage road? or walker park? :/

  • lebo

    i would so like to be at uptown coffie n run in to him

  • http://KristaBerzonsky Krista

    Does anyone know where Taylor will be on July 27th? Because I’m going to see him with my friend then and we really wanna meet him!

    • Admin

      Did you find Taylor Lautner on the 27th? Rumor has it that they are still filming in Mt. Lebanon until Friday, July 30th.

      • http://KristaBerzonsky Krista

        No, we ended up not even going! Now my dream to meet Taylor is crushed! :(



  • http://KristaBerzonsky Krista

    No, we ended up not even going… Now my dream to meet Taylor is crushed! :(

    • http://KristaBerzonsky Krista

      Sorry, guys, I didn’t mean to post this here.

    • Admin

      You still have a chance to meet him.. Taylor Lautner is still in Pittsburgh..

  • Haley

    I Met Him Today In Sutersville, Pa.
    He Is Amazing.
    He’s Soon Filming In The Mon Valley.
    But He’ll Be In Sutersville Until Saturday

  • Iffy

    That guy from Twilight is really nice, he gave my whole family autographs and then bought us all Gainesburgers and beers at Junebug’s.

  • Anonymous

    where in suttersville is he!?!?!?!?

  • rsturk

    taylor lautner is filming at jefferson hills hospital and by an icecream place called the youch twist!!!!!!!!!! we past the youch twist today and it was so secure theres no way to get in unless u walk thro the woods and my mom woks at the hospital so thats how i no hes shooting there…but i hope this helps

    • Admin

      Thanks for the tip!

    • I love Taylor Lautner

      do you know exacallywhen their shooting ar jefferson hills hospital time/day my dads a docter there and I really wanted to see taylor lautner!!!!!!!!!!! Please help!!!!!!! Thanks!!!

  • I love Taylor Lautner

    To rsturk Do you know exaclly when their shooting at Jefferson Hills Hospital time/day my dad is a docter there there and I really wanted to see taylor lautner!!!!!!! Please help!!!!!!!! Thanks

  • Diane

    Filming for Abduction will be on Mt. Washington Monday August 9………..8am…..Not sure if Taylor will be there but I heard Sigorney will…

  • Mrs. Lautner

    Does anyone know if he is filming in Mt. Lebanon anymore and if he is when ? Also does anyone know where he is for sure filming this week ?

  • Laurin

    I heard he will be filming at the hospital this week. I know they were filming yesterday during the day at the parking garage and I saw the BIG YELLOW ABX outside when I drove by on my way to the mall.
    I hope this helps you girls :)

  • nessie bella nasci

    So jealous of you, guys. I’m from Argentina & I really love him, I think he’s the sweetest person on earth

    • nessie bella nasci

      By the way, that’s my real name! haha

  • Taylor Taylor Taylor

    Where is Taylor filming this week?? Is he still in Pittsburgh?? Please help me find him!!

  • Big-B

    They are filming in the airport as we speak. Gate 51 and the surrounding area are completely chained off and all their buses are sitting behind the employee lot….

    • Admin

      Thanks for the update on TL. Are you going?

  • Big-B

    I work there so yea.. lol

  • Emmy

    Does anyone know where Taylor will be on Friday? I am determined to meet him!

  • http://Facebook Meg

    Does anyone know were their filming today it’s really important.

    Plz plz help today soon! Thankyou!!!

  • I love Taylor Lautner

    Does anyone know were they will be filming today. If you do could you please help I really won’t to meet him. Thankyou for your help if you know were can you reply soon thankyou again.

    • Momof3

      He was filming at the Pirate game today

  • I love TL

    Does anyone know were they are filming august,23 plz help thank you. Also does anyone know when their filming at jefferson hospital thankyou again.

  • ssb70

    I saw the ABX yellow signs this morning right where the merge is onto the Liberty Bridge from Arlington Avenue. That could mean they’re up on Mt. Washington . . .because if you go straight at the merge you go right up McCardle Roadway.

  • Jacob Black

    Can’t wait for the next intallment at the movies – I love the wolf pack and can’t wait to see Breaking Dawn

  • Boring Pittsburgh

    The trailer for Abduction has already been released, but there is a reshoot happening in North Shore all day today 5/3/11…

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