Sunday , 24 May 2015

Post-Apocalyptic Pittsburgh in “The Last of Us” PS3 Game

The Last of Us PS3 Game in Pittsburgh (screenshot)
The Last of Us PS3 Game in Pittsburgh (screenshot)

Pittsburgh is in Hollywood movies, reality TV, and online shows, so why not video games? Well, now it is thanks to the guys over at Naughty Dog Software in sunny Santa Monica, Cali. In their Playstation 3 exclusive The Last of Us, Pittsburgh will be the host of a post-apocalyptic battle ground for the few survivors that remain after a modern plague wiped out the rest of the world. This isn’t the first time the Burgh has had some end-of-the-world-action, remember when The Road was filmed in Braddock, PA?

Check out the trailer below which is entirely comprised of in-game footage…

"The Last of Us" Playstation 3 Game in Pittsburgh
"The Last of Us" Playstation 3 Game in Pittsburgh

Tipped by @BStephenson

Update: New trailer added 5/15/12

  • Sam Oh

    This looks amazing!

  • XXXbox

    Now I need to get a PS3. This game looks like it will be worth adding another system to the collection, I just wish it was going to be on the xBox.

  • Leroy Jenkins

    Fuck yea!

    • Ninjaburgher


  • Kelly

    My bf will love this game. I couldn’t find it on Amazon, when is it available?

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  • Maxwell J Muska

    Apparently Pittsburgh is perfect for post-apocalyptic scenarios… you can add Fallout 3 to the list of games/movies which feature Pittsburgh. An add-on to the game called “The Pitt” featured some steel mills and bridges as well as a nice view of the skyline.

  • pghinmybelly

    Can’t beleive you didnt say anything about the clear blu skies in the stillshots.

    • pghinmybelly

      Sorry typos!

  • Sprax

    Better Pittsburgh than Philadelphia. Let the plague stay there.

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  • Murphy McCoot

    Not the first video game Pgh has been in … LEFT FOR DEAD .. Features our beloved city. :)

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