Monday , 25 May 2015

Toonseum Ain’t Taking Any Shit From Anti-Gay Ex-Member

Toonseum Gay Cartoon Pride!

When it came time for a Toonseum member to renew their membership, they decided to cut ties with the museum instead. The ex-member wasn’t keen on the fact that the cartoon museum is a supporter of PrideFest. Here’s how it went down:

Today I got an email saying “we will not be renewing our membership because of your participation in pride fest, and their gay agenda.” they then went on to express their disappointment as “cartoons are meant to be wholesome family entertainment.” I told them I would personally refund their membership out of my pocket, and that perhaps they should watch some vintage Warner Brothers cartoons and adjust their definition of “wholesome.” Then perhaps look at the world around them, the wonderful people in it and adjust their definition of “family.” I thanked them for their past support of the ToonSeum and let them know that we support a diverse membership base, and the cartoon, comic and geek community has at it’s core first and foremost “Acceptance.”

Sadly this is not the first nor the last time that we will have this issue and others like it come up. I have been told “we won’t come there because it’s by all those gay bars.” “We won’t come down there because it’s by planned parenthood.” We won’t come there because it’s on GASP! Liberty Avenue” and the only one I agree with…we won’t come down there because of the cities parking enforcement. I know a hundred reasons not to do anything in life, because it’s always going to be easier to just lie on the couch than it is to live an active, productive, creative life, filled with diversity, art and joy. A life filled with hatred is not a life at all. Cartoons are for everyone and we are happy to share our block with Pride Fest. At any rate we lost a member today. But stood up for our block and our “family.”

Thank you to each and everyone of you for continuing to be a part of the ToonSeum family.

Bravo to Toonseum for standing up for tolerance and diversity. Hopefully they will gain 100 new members for the one they lost. Even if cartoons aren’t your thing, this kind of reaction calls for a membership drive! Become a Toonseum member today – click here.

  • Mark

    Excellent choice of picture!

    • Boring Pittsburgh

      Thanks! And thanks to Mark from for loaning it to us.

  • SpecialK

    It’s Pittsburgh, what do you expect?

  • Ray W.

    Fake and gay

  • Kyle Daily

    How much you wanna bet this is a publicity stunt to get more donations from sympathetic Pride Fest visitors? Perfect timing and perfect way to get more memberships based off of emotion and not based off of actually wanting to be a member.

    • Ben Burgher

      Are you fucking out of your mind or just drinking tonight?

    • Amos


  • Dan

    The Simpsons and South Park are “wholesome family entertainment”?

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