Thank you Batman! From Boring Pittsburgh

This is what the ad should have looked like

Like Batman returning to the world of Bruce Wayne, Pittsburgh has removed the Gotham City mask and life is back to normal. City roads have been reopened, the fake snow has been carried to the landfills, and Haddad’s trucks are back at the base. In other words, the Burgh is back to being boring for the time being.

Dear Mr. Christopher Nolan, thank you for making this the most exciting summer in Pittsburgh and for not being a jagoff about our incessant urge to share spy shots with Batman fans around the world.

Boring Pittsburgh’s Top 5 Batman Memories

5. When Catwoman wrecked her Batpod cycle into an IMAX camera

4. When the Batwing clipped a downtown street sign

3. When the Pittsburgh Steelers played as the Gotham Rogues at Heinz Field

2. When Christopher Nolan took out a full-page ad in the Post Gazette to thank Pittsburgh

Christopher Nolan's full-page ad in the Post Gazette "Thank You Pittsburgh"

Christopher Nolan says "Thank You Pittsburgh" (via

1. When rumors spread that Batman was going to blow up the Civic Arena

Batman Dark Knight will blow up the Civic Arena on film?

Batman Dark Knight will blow up the Civic Arena on film?

Batman ultimately didn’t get to blow up the Civic Arena. Our guess is that the rumors were mistakenly started by the film critic due to the production crew needing to pull off a sporting event with explosions – while at the same time the fate of the arena was up in the air. Do you wish the Dark Knight would have blown up the Igloo before bouncing out of the Burgh? Submit your vote below:

 What was your favorite Batman memory?