@brooksstephens5 provides a meal to a man for a chance to win tickets from @tpolamalu

@brooksstephens5 provides a meal to a man for a chance to win tickets from @tpolamalu

  • The mayor of Braddock, PA was arrested at the Steel Building on Monday. Reports claimed that John Fetterman was trying to get the attention of the UPMC execs that inhabit the penthouse of the historic (and now polluted) icon of Pittsburgh’s skyline. He was holding a sign asking “Please UPMC open an urgent care center like the one in Shadyside.” He makes some good points, but it’s a little late. Maybe he could ask Levi’s to open an emergency center in his hood since UPMC made up their minds to abandon Braddock over a year ago.
  • Troy Polamalu held a contest to give away tickets to the Steelers game last week. Instead of simply begging people to follow him or tweet about their love for the Steelers, Troy asked his fans to hit the streets and help people. The touching picture above is from one of the contestants.

    Troy Polamalu tpolamaluFeed the Homeless. RT this message to enter. Post a picture of you providing a meal for the Homeless. 2 tickets for 2 winners. Randomly picked for the Steelers vs Ravens game on Sunday Night. RT please.

  • Tuesday evening, we started a local trend on Twitter with the tag #thiscityneeds. It all started with a few tweets about how we want a reliable cab company, better radio stations, a new mayor, bike lanes, etc. It’s Twitter, so there were a few douchebags (as could be expected) that chimed in with negativity, but our followers rocked the topic with some thoughtful responses about stuff they’d like to see improve in the Burgh. Thankfully we attract readers who feel that true love for a city means confronting what’s wrong with it and offering ideas about how it could be improved. Facebookers were slightly more receptive to the topic – as usual.
  • On Wednesday morning, Las Velas, a restaurant owned by @JanePitt‘s husband, caught on fire. They just celebrated their one year anniversary and now they are forced to rebuild – “better than ever,” as promised by a note posted to their homepage. Talk about turning avocados into guacamole. Best of luck to everyone involved.
  • Glenn Beck was in town Wednesday evening for a book signing at the Barnes & Noble in Robinson. Upon arrival, not only did he spell Pittsburgh without an H, but he also insinuated that this city is fat:

    Glenn Beck glennbeckJust landed in Pittsburg. On my way to B&N, 800 settlers ridge center drive Pitts. 7:30 book signing. I could gain 10lbs in 24hrs here.

  • We saw the first snow of the season and Pittsburghers freaked out as if they never saw the stuff before. If only they knew Snowpocalypse 2011 is just around the corner.
  • DJ Bonics (you know the guy from KISS FM and also Wiz Khalifa‘s official DJ) had a heart attack. Yeah, the guy is like 30 years old and he had a freakin’ heart attack! He is quickly recovering and will be back on the Technics in no time. Hopefully this will give his DJ career a boost, sort of like when a rapper gets shot. Get well soon!
  • Speaking of Wiz Khalifa, he was featured on the cover of The Source magazine as the rookie of the year.
  • Despite a concussion and a broken nose (neither of which were flagged btw), the Steelers beat the Baltimore Ravens 13-10 on Sunday night after Troy Polamalu saved their asses. Thank you, Troy.

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