Jung Ho Kang Korean Baseball Player Pittsburgh Pirates 27

Gung-Ho for Jung Ho

Little was known about this South Korean slugger back in late December when it was announced that the Pittsburgh Pirates had won the bidding for Jung Ho Kang and would get the opportunity to negotiate a contract with him. By mid-January the Pirat...
TribLive Reports of Riots at Kennywood Park

Kennywood Riot on Opening Day

Wow, TribLive, great use of the word "RIOT" in the title of your Kennywood story. Well played! We see what you did there. With the recent events in Baltimore, there is major sensitivity around the word "riot",  yet this is exactly the word Tri...
Crazy Winter Weather Means No Eggs in Pittsburgh

No More Eggs Thanks to Polar Vortex

Polar Vortex, Siberian Express, whatever they're calling it this week, the recent sub-zero weather has made it difficult to find eggs in Pittsburgh. If you want organic, vegetarian fed, cage-free, Non-GMO Verified eggs for breakfast or brownies, then...