Sunday , 24 May 2015

Pirates Are In First F*cking Place Got Dammit !

Pittsburgh Pirates manager Jim Leyland yelling at Barry Bonds in 1991
Pittsburgh Pirates manager Jim Leyland yelling at Barry Bonds in 1991

Wiz Khalifa might want to take his old P charm out of storage because the f*cking Pittsburgh Pirates are in first f*cking place! Can you f*cking believe this f*cking sh*t! Are we in the matrix? Are we f*cking dreaming? Is it the apocalypse? {skip to video}

Coach Crabbypants

To celebrate this rare occurrence of a Bucco winning streak, Boring Pittsburgh is posting this way cool video of former Pirates “f*cking manager” Jim Leyland yelling at seven-time MVP Barry Bonds. The classic footage was captured at spring training back in 1991 – way before the steroids scandal surfaced, but maybe Leyland knew! Why else would he be ripping into one of the greatest baseball players of all time?

It goes a little something like this:

Don’t f*ck with me. Don’t f*ck with me no f*cking more. I’m putting up with this f*cking sh*t. I’m happy because I’m the f*cking manager of this (sounds like defense line lol). If you don’t wanna be here no more then get your f*cking sh*t (huh?) Your pissed off. So let’s get this f*cking sh*t over with right f*cking now. I don’t wanna see no more or go home. I’m f*cking serious! I’m not gonna put this f*cking sh*t up no more. But I do know one thing that I am the gotdamn manager and I’m gonna run this gotdamn team.

Little did anyone know back then that something called YouTube would be invented for guys like Lensmeat to share an awesome video like this for the world to enjoy. But all joking aside, this is incredible and gives Pittsburghers a reason to live during the Steelers off-season. Thanks, guys!

{video link}

Let’s Go Bucs!

  • Alex Catchpole

    If you replace the word “manager” with “Batman” this feeles like a combination of two of my favorite memes(I’m the Goddamned Batman, and Christian Bale’s Tirade)!

    • GaylorTang

      After read your comment I played them both at the same time with the volume down on the Pirates video. It matches up almost perfectly funny ass shit! Someone should put them together omfg.

  • Ben Burgher

    I actually went out and bought a new Pirates hat. They deserve it!

  • Kev

    He took it pretty well.

  • Jim

    What a little bitch.

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