Should We All Boycott the Pittsburgh Pirates?

Boycott the Pittsburgh Pirates group on Facebook
Boycott the Pittsburgh Pirates group on Facebook
Accept or decline the invitation to boycott the Buccos?

Boring Pittsburgh was invited to a Facebook group called “Boycott the Pittsburgh Pirates“. We thought it was a joke at first – or an attempt at revenge by the fired Pierogie mascot… but after reading the wall posts, it was clear that these were some pissed off fans. While the boycott doesn’t appear to be a successful one yet, they’re doing their best to get the point across…

The level of disappointment with the Pirates has reached a new high. Why do they keep doing this year after stinking year? It’s embarrassing. -Joe


A successful boycott could either result in a change in management or maybe even the sale of the team. It’s worth it either way. If they’re not going to be competetive the sport loses it’s entertainment value. We might as well replace them with something amusing. An X games arena, Elmo N friends, roller durby, fill the… stadium with water and reenact naval battles, competetive eating, anatomical theater… Pretty much anything else is less boring than Pittsburgh baseball.  We should have a public burning of Pirates swag as a launch event. Just saying… -Dave

It just sucks having 2 championship callibre teams and then the joke of the league. When I was growing up in the 70’s, 80s and 90’s this team was the team to beat. They sold out every game and people couldn’t wait for the season to start. Now people can’t wait for the season to end. If they would of kept the guys t…hey traded over the past 4 years with the young pitching staff they have now they would be contenders. I don’t know what they are thinking, but if they trade sanchez I promise you I will not go to another game until they get a new owner. Come on put a competitive team out there I don’t want a world series, but I would like to still be playing in October. -J.J.

Since the BPGH Facebook page is generally an open area to share ideas and happenings in the Burgh, we thought we should ask our friends what they would do. Accept or decline?

We got invited to a facebook group called "Boycott the Pittsburgh Pirates". Accept or decline?

So far, the vote is telling us to hit the decline button. There are some excellent comments here and we’re thankful for having a group of engaging and responsive friends on Facebook. 28 comments and no trolls, that’s amazing!

Two winning comments:

Irrelevant, it’s not a boycott if you wouldn’t have gone in the first place. -Tom

great chatting with everyone. Ultimately, it’s Boring Pgh’s choice. And as sad as I am to admit this, Boring Pittsburgh, your mission, I think, is to provide Pittsburgh with via options for entertainment. And although the ‘entertainment’ part is questionable, attending a Pirates game is an option to mitigate boredom. 🙂 Have a great day yinz! -Stephanie

So what would you do? Accept or decline the invitation to boycott the Pittsburgh Pirates?

Author: Brandon

Brandon mostly writes about sports media for Boring Pittsburgh. He is a forum admin and gets bored with Pittsburgh weather. He once got to touch the Stanley Cup.

10 thoughts on “Should We All Boycott the Pittsburgh Pirates?”

  1. Accept the boycott. Go see Washington Wild Things games; they’re at least as much fun, cheaper, and supporting people who love what they’re doing… instead of supporting folks who are selling our pride because it’s a cash cow.

  2. Some good comments there. It is definitely a beautiful stadium but maybe the team doesn’t deserve it. I don’t understand how people can get paid that much to sit there chewing tobacco and spitting and sucking so bad at what they do. In any other profession if you suck that bad you get FIRED.

  3. I’ll join the boycott. But If someone gives me a pair of tickets for FREE I will have to go. Only if it’s FREE.

  4. @jesspgh; because the Pirates aren’t trying to win, the management is simply using the team to be extra-profitable. It’s not that they’re trying hard and we’re booing them; they’re not trying. They trade *everyone*; they’ve cut player costs by $10 million a year, and they get more on revenue-sharing than they spend on the roster!

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