Wednesday , 4 March 2015

This Just In: Worst Call in Baseball History (Video)

Umpire Makes Bad Call To End Game Early, Just Wanted To Hit The Hay – Braves 4, Pirates 3 in 19 Inning Game

It was the longest game of the season, and the longest game for the Buccos since 1979. If you think a regular game of baseball is boring, this one would have made you want to plank on on a bed of poison ivy for a thrill – or something like that.

The Pirates lost, but they shouldn’t have. At least not if that call was the determining factor of the game. Big shout-out to the ump (Jerry Meals) who just made the worst call in the history of baseball.

An alternative headline could read: Umpire Makes Bad Call To End Game Early, Pissed Off About Not Getting Paid Overtime For 19 Inning Game

What was the score?
Braves 4 – Pirates 3

How many innings?
19 but almost 20

What time did it end?
At about 2am

Pirates and Braves on July 26, 2011 - Worst Call in Baseball History
Pirates and Braves on July 26, 2011 - Worst Call in Baseball History
Pirates and Braves on July 26, 2011 - Worst Call in Baseball History
Pirates and Braves on July 26, 2011 - Worst Call in Baseball History

He was clearly tagged, right?

  • LeMund

    After all those empty innings this is the outcome? Ridiculous!

  • Jackie

    What. The. Fuck!

  • Brian

    I’m glad, when I type in a google search for “worst calls in baseball history”, that this already comes up on page 1. While not the #1 in my book, it would be a close second.
    (Detroit’s non-perfect/perfect game from last year is #1)

  • lappygirl

    The runner KNEW he was out! Did you see how shocked he was when he was called safe? Damn…

    • Alex Catchpole

      According to his post game interview he “Knew [he] was safe”. No he didn’t… Watch his body language. He was ready to walk back to the dug out with his head down.

  • Grasshopper 420

    McKenry tagged him TWICE: leg then arm. WTF Meals??!! You deserve to be fired. Immediately.

    • Best412

      Not only did he tag him twice, they collided!

  • Steve

    WTF HES A FUCKING RETARDED HOE BAG HE WANTED TO GIVE THAT TO THEM HE SAW IT AND CALLED IT A TOUCHDOWN ((i know what baseball and football is ive played both for 2 years or more)

  • Paul

    “Planking in a bed of poison ivy” that’s a good one lmao

  • Boring Pittsburgh

    Here’s another angle…

  • MorganPIT

    People are saying really disgusting things about this man. It’s a baseball game, go get yourself a couple of hoagies and chill the fuck out. Just because you watch sports doesn’t mean you have to become a douchebag when “your team” loses.

  • Hector

    At least Hurdle showed some balls getting all up in his grill like that.

  • Joe McCunty


  • peace up

    ayo pirates suck and you were going to lose the game anyway.

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  • Haddonfield1031

    That ump is the Tim Donaghy of the MLB! That video makes me sick.

  • Boring Pittsburgh

    The videos above have been removed from YouTube to protect the guilty, but we will always have this pic from @threeriversblog to remind us what happened on 7/27/11.

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