This song rocks and the video is awesome! It was filmed from hood to hood, all over the Burgh. See something you recognize? Drop a note in the comments below…

If you know anything about Pittsburgh bands, then you already know about The Takeover UK. When that group split up earlier in the year, members Nic Snyder (vocals/guitar) and Josh Sickels (drums) took the opportunity to launch their own band called 1,2,3. Josh and Nic now share the stage with Mike Yamamoto (guitar/keyboard) and Chad Monticue (bass/vocals/glockenspiel). WTF is a glockenspiel? Look it up.

1,2,3 aka One, Two, Three aka 1comma2comma3

There’s more to a band than a name. Michael Machosky put out a story on TribLive about 1,2,3 and their chosen name.

I wanted a name that was very anonymous, that doesn’t lead you on about what the music sounds like before you hear it, the way the Takeover UK’s name did…

I never realized the word ‘Un-Googleable’ existed until I named this band 1,2,3,” Snyder says. “I feel like a band name is something a search engine shouldn’t have any weight in determining.

Interrogating Pittsburghers about Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh music is taking the industry by storm and these guys are generating major buzz beyond our bridges. Here are some must-read interviews with 1,2,3. Check. Them. Out.

Draw Us Lines interviews Pittsburgh band 1,2,3

Josh: … I think my favorite memory is when the Steelers won the superbowl against the Seahawks, and everyone just stormed the streets. It was wild, people were throwing trash cans through store fronts; i saw a car flipped over and on FIRE out in front of the cathedral in Oakland. The funniest thing i saw that night was these kids who were just blocking off a side street, and had a beer bong, and wouldnt let cars pass unless they bonged a beer. So this middle aged dude with his wife and kids drive by, and they try and get him to bong one, and he says no, so they keep egging him on, til finally he goes “aw, fuck it” and then just bongs a beer, right there with his little kids in the backseat. Epic Pittsburgh moment, indeed.

Speakers in Code interviews Pittsburgh band 1,2,3

Nic: Brillobox for a small club gig, Mr. Smalls for a big. We just played this DIY place called The Shop for our album release. There are a lot of really cool places like that in the Burgh, that nurture creativity and art, and do it on an artist’s budget.

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When is their next Pittsburgh appearance?
Sunday, September 11, 2011
8:00pm but the doors open at 7pm

Where will they be playing?
Mr. Smalls with Bombay Bicycle Club
400 Lincoln Avenue
Millvale, PA 15209-2670
(412) 821-4447

How much are tickets?
General admission is $12

Who else is playing that night?
Bombay Bicycle Club

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