Just wanted to point out some of the pitiful remixes of Black and Yellow – the song is Pittsburgh for a reason, not some other town. Just think this is hilarious…they only wish they were eligible to be BurghVerified. -Vaughn

Usually we see Pittsburghers copying Pittsburghers, but Wiz Khalifa has taken it to a whole new level. Now it’s other cities who are copying the Burgh. Black and Yellow is looking like one of the most remixed songs of the year.

Green and Gold

This guy is using a Falcons logo but the song is ‘Green and Gold’.

White and Navy

This guy is super uber cool with his pitt bull in the convenience store.

Purple Yellow

They had to sacrifice the “and” in the hook because the word purple has two syllables.

Green and Yellow

This guy is trying to do the Black and Yellow remix with a Mac Miller swagger. Blah.


No comment. Really, no comment.

Green and White

The Jets suck.

Black and Orange

That colorway is only meant for Halloween. And is this guy colorblind? It looks like he’s wearing a black and red hat while singing about black and orange.

Black and Orange

This guy calls his hair style a rat tail, but what it looks like is the start of a healthy Pixburgh mullet.

What’s with all the San Francisco Giants remixes anyway? Black and orange is an ugly combination, and who cares about baseball anymore?

Green and Green

These guys ran out of colors to rap about. The Southern accent totally ruins it. Sounds like they’re saying “green and grain.”

It’s all good though, we kid these copycats. In fact, every time someone remakes Black and Yellow, it just makes Wiz Khalifa sound so much better. Have you ever wondered why some people make it in the music industry and some don’t? It has to be a question of quality. And quality is something that Wiz obviously has. Pittsburgh might be boring, but these songs should make you appreciate it more. It’s not surprising that none of these so-called remixes come close to the original.

Find more Black and Yellow remixes here.

T-Pain Remix of Black and Yellow “Black Camaro”

Young Jeezy Black and Yellow remix

We were disappointed that we didn’t stumble upon any female versions of the song. Something like “Pink and Fuchsia” would have been funny. They could rap about going to Victoria’s Secret and the excitement of the first cold front of the Fall season. You know, because that’s when everyone gets to pull their Uggs out of the closet!

Hey, Vaughn, thanks for the tip!

The original Black and Yellow song/video is #1