If you happen to be blessed with the ability to appreciate good music, you’re ears will quickly validate the boastful claim on Chaibaba’s Facebook page that they are 3 guys who sound like 5. It isn’t just a product of the group’s collective ego, it’s the truth.

Lead vocals are delivered by Ketan Bakrania (also bass guitar/percussion), Dino Lopreiato (drums/percussion/vocals), and Vijay Bakrania (guitars/vocals).

This trio is well-trained.

Dino and Ketan met each other in the Pitt African Drumming Ensemble at the University of Pittsburgh, which was at the time led by Dr. Anicet Mundundu, an expert in traditional and contemporary African music. The two guys played in local bands in the late ’90s until teaming up with Vijay (Ketan’s brother) to form Chaibaba later in 1999.

Boring Pittsburgh loves to feature locally produced music videos, but this one really caught our attention. Sure, it’s humorous and sounds excellent, but the video itself also introduces some new and exciting subcultures that a lot of Pittsburghers might not have a clue about.

Like the frantic, yet well-calculated running around and flipping seen in the video! It’s known as parkour, and Pittsburgh happens to have some well-known parkour professional in groups like Team Sanjuu and the Pittsburgh Parkour Association. We really want to learn more!

The fire dancing scenes were equally awesome! Parkour and fire spinning are two forms of creative expression that are worlds apart, yet very similar in how they allow the artists to act out pure freedom in a highly concentrated and focused way.

And hells yes that was an iPod duck taped to a boombox! It also takes deep concentration and focus to carry that thing on one arm while pumping pedals up Sycamore Streetthis fellow certainly couldn’t pull off a feat like that.

Congratulations to Chaibaba for kicking off the new year with a great new video and song. Shoutout to Ketan for sending it our way. Now if you don’t mind, it’s time to go hook up a double decker PB&J and cup of home brewed chai.

PB&J Lyrics:

Wake up in the morning
Feeling mighty hungry
Go down to the kitchen
Try to fill my belly
So I get my peanut butter
Get that bottle of jelly
Now I’m feeling ready hey hey, hey hey
Peanut butter
Jelly sandwich

Video filmed and edited by Andrew Obenreder (i4Eye Media)

Chaibaba - PB&J Music Video