Formula412 isn’t playing around. The group’s dynamic musicianship, deep lyrical content, and stunning visuals are clear evidence that they intend to make it big in the music game. For a band that has 412 in their name and mostly film their music videos around Pittsburgh (even on a moving PAT bus), they cover universal topics that affect us all.

In Gotta Give, the guys are jamming inside the Carrie Blast Furnace in Rankin. The furnace, built in 1884, is a sloppy left-over from the steel industry and has been sitting there in a state of slow decay since 1982. An ideal setting for schooling us on the negative impacts of waste and global warming. There are No Trespassing signs posted along the perimeter of the furnace area, but the signs can’t stop the graffiti artists from getting in – nor could they stop the pollution from trespassing against the land the old iron dinosaur still occupies.

The raw substance in Formula412’s message is refreshing beyond belief. At long last, music that is cool enough to blast from your stereo system in the summertime, while simultaneously opening eyelids to relevant issues that most people prefer to ignore. Songs like Gotta Give make it impossible to ignore because they draw you in with magnetic harmony and a synchronized blend of instruments and voices that border on being hypnotic to the first time listener – also because when you first see the dudes, you’re not sure what to expect. So many audio and visual elements are presented to the audience that the inevitable next step is to hit the replay button. But it doesn’t stop there. Formula412 caters to just about everyone in the MTV generation. Don’t like rap? They’re a rock band. Don’t like rock? They’re a rap group. It’s all in the formula, and you can’t escape it if you try.

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Video Link – Shot/Edited by David Prokopec – Produced by Jon Kasunic

When can I see them in concert?
Mr. Smalls Theatre (facebook event page)
Saturday, April 16, 2011
8:00pm – 11:30pm

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