Mac Miller keepin’ it real Pittsburgh in the first single from his Blue Slide Park album titled Frick Park Market (video link).

Yes, this is a real market. Located on Reynolds Street a couple of blocks up the road from Make Your Mark and Point Brugge Cafe. This is the kind of shop that makes Pittsburgh the Burgh. Yinz ain’t never had a sammich until you had the Frick Park Market make you one.

Aside from chipped ham, it’s also the most unpretentious place in the city to grab great coffee in the morning.

Where is this place?
Frick Park Market (map)
7103 Reynolds St
Pittsburgh, PA 15208
(412) 243-6030

Was the video really filmed there?

Does Mac really work there?

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Frick Park Market - Mac Miller

Frick Park Market – Mac Miller

Frick Park Market Lyrics

Uh let me get, uh turkey sandwich
Uh, lettuce, tomato (bitch)

My name Mac Miller, who the f-ck are you?
Well my crew too live but I ain’t Uncle Luke
And I ain’t no hipster, girl I can make your hips stir
From Pittsburgh, smoke papers or a swisher
Welcome to the Cam Rellim chronicles
Looking out my monocle
I’m dodging obstacles, I gamble like the Bellagio
You cockroach, I’m heroin cause everything I talk is dope
Type to leave it clean and f-cking shiny word to Mop & Glo
Tryin’ to get a mansion ain’t nobody here gonna find my room
Money gonna be green I guarantee you that my socks stay blue
So press play, I start from scratch and never use no template
The next day these losers always goin’ with whats trendy
My pen game is something these motherf-ckers have never seen
All City Champion everybody is second string
No need to testify (testify) for the best is I (best is I)
And anybody in my way goin’ to be left to die

I’mma feed the world you can put it on my tab
Run until my legs go numb, I don’t plan on looking back
Anything you need you can find it at the market
If you don’t hold me down for all I care you can starve bitch
I’mma feed the world you can put it on my tab
Run until my legs go numb, I don’t plan on looking back
Anything you need you can find it at the market

I got my own stickers now so literally I’m everywhere
Hundred different shoes to fill no need to cop a fresher pair
These motherf-ckers treat me like it’s just my second year
Fool you better get prepared
Don’t know ‘bout you but all my rhymes is deadly here
Frick Park Market where we kicking out the garbage
Sick bars I’ve been a boss so stick around and watch it
Did the round, no college campus chilling writing on top of planet Earth
F-ck whose first, It’s just bout who the hardest
On my own too, f-ck whose saying different
Every time I rhyme I get that Punxsutawney feeling
I’m the starter you the fill in
You a martyr I’m just killing
Getting harder with each time I write
Wish I could rewind last night
I had so much fun just kickin’ it and goin’ in
Don’t call me Malcolm if you didn’t f-ckin’ know me then
And if you lonely girl I could be your only friend
You got some shit to say I suggest you hold it in

Yeah, and this is Blue Slide Park

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