Singer/songwriter Shay Mooney just launched his latest single “Your Love” and the accompanying video was filmed around Station Square and Downtown Pittsburgh. We had a chance to sit down with the Arkansas native and asked a few questions so you guys could get to know the man behind the voice… and why he chose to make his first music video on the Smithfield Street Bridge:

What is your Pittsburgh bio/background?

I moved to Pittsburgh in the summer of 2010 to attend a leadership college with my sister, Gabby Mooney. We wanted to do music full time but we really wanted to establish who we were as individuals. I’ve always been a Steelers fan ever since I was a kid, so it was awesome moving to a city full of passion for this team. I soon realized it was not only just a passion for this city and team, but a way of life; a proud one. Seems like everyday I met someone new. So many good people in this city. Many songs and much inspiration came from my time in Pittsburgh. As well as life-long friends.

Was the title “City Lights” inspired by Pittsburgh?

My newest single “City Lights” was definitely inspired by Pittsburgh. There’s such an energy and excitement that Pittsburgh gives out. “The city lights fade” is a line I wrote referring to express the fading of the lights was a fading of a lifestyle I had come to know and love.

How did you guys come up with the idea to use the Smithfield Street Bridge in the video?

My friend Brian Lippert (who filmed and edited the video) said this was the best shot of Pittsburgh. When I saw it for the first time I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was to see the city from that perspective. We wanted a shot of the city that really captured the feeling of Pittsburgh.

In the video, you’re wearing what looks like a cell phone earpiece, was it actually connected to anything?

It was so loud by the train and cars that I was actually listening to the song so I could hear it! Haha

The final scene with the train was crazy! Were you expecting it to be that close? Were you scared?

I was definitely not expecting the train to be that close. We thought it was a few tracks over and when it passed I think I wet my pants a little. One of the scariest things I’ve done in a while.

Just curious, do you sing in the shower?

I sing in the shower everyday of my life. It’s how I learned to sing.

When you are in the Burgh where can people find you hanging out?

I like to hang out at Starbucks a lot. I also enjoy Panera Bread. They are both my office away from my office. Even though I don’t have an office…..

Do you have a favorite place to eat around here?

My favorite place to eat would probably be Eat N Park. The food is okay…but it’s always open…always.

Where should a guy take a girl on a first date?

Best first date would definitely be Mount Washington. It’s so pretty that even if you’re an idiot…she’ll have a good time.

Do you think Pittsburgh is boring?

Pittsburgh is one of the funnest cities I’ve ever had the pleasure to be apart of…it’s just all about what ya make of it. There’s so many amazing places to go…just gotta get out there and explore! It won’t take long in this place.

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Thanks to @prsrant (Burgh Verified) for introducing us to Shay!

Shay Mooney "Your Love" Music Video in Downtown Pittsburgh

Shay Mooney "Your Love" Music Video in Downtown Pittsburgh