There have been a couple different versions of this video but this one uses a picture of Matrix Night Club from Boring Pittsburgh so we thought it was the best (except for the “Shadyside chicks” pic wtf).

The “Dahntahn” Song

Performed by Mark Eddie on the WDVE radio morning show. The music of “Dahntahn” is based off the melody of “Downtown” by Petula Clark.

When Joe Grushecky & The Clarks ain’t around and you feel all alone. Dahntahn!

The Box Office lost your reservations for B.E. Taylor’s Christmas Show. Dahntahn!

Go down to the Edison, the girls are really pretty,
The 31st Street Pub serves up the coldest Iron City!

Mt. Washington… They got…  a cool…  view up ‘ere.
Then you can hop on the incline, down to Station Square and go… Dahntahn!

Yinz can get eggs nat. Dahntahn!

Shadyside Chicks are Phat! Dahntahn!

Sumpthin’ is waitin for yinz!

Dont hang around in the wrong parts of town, where all the jag-offs go… Dahntahn!

Go see the Buccos, the Penguins or the Donnie Iris Show! Dahntahn!

Go to Charlie Murdocks you can check out the Granatis
Or head over to Matrix, you can look at all the hotties!
Liberty Avenue

You dont know what you’ll find ere,
Maybe hookers or trannys with high heels and big hair! Just go… Dahntahn!

A sammich at Primanti’s! Dahntahn!

Happy endings at Silky’s! Dahntahn!

Sumpthin’s waitin’ for yinz!

Tailgatin’, drinkin’ and dancin’ the polka at the Stillers game. Dahntahn!

Dont make fun of the way we talk, Don’t call our Mayor Opie
Pittsburghs home of Myron, Mr. Rogers and Sophie
Squirrel Hill!

Homewood / Wilkinsburg if you dare. And then well ride on The “T” and have lunch at Market Square and go… Dahntahn!

French Fries at The O. Dahntahn!

Southside is where we go! Dahntahn!

Cause sumpthin’ is waitin’ for yinz!!!

Disclaimer: we do not condone the use of “Pittsburghese”. The song posted is for entertainment purposes only.