Wiz Khalifa: 2011 MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS Best New Artist Nominee

Wiz Khalifa: 2011 MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS Best New Artist Nominee

The Prince of the City has been nominated for an MTV Video Music Award and it’s up to you to make sure he is crowned the king of the Best New Artist category. Cast your votes for Wiz Khalifa’s Black & Yellow video – the song that put Pittsburgh on the map worldwide.

No competition, really

They put Black and Yellow up against four other videos:

  • Big Sean f/ Chris Brown “My Last”
    Ok, this is definitely a #vmanominationfailure since Chris Brown isn’t even a new artist. No offense to Big Sean, but that’s unfair. They don’t even start singing until about a minute into it… BORING! Big Sean is wearing a Detroit Redwings hat… LAME! Chris Brown dyed his hair like Sisqo… WEIRD! This video has 11 million views on YouTube so far.
  • Foster The People “Pumped Up Kicks”
    This is a stereotypical video with a bunch of teens dancing around at a fake party with some hipsters walking around in cropped pants. This video makes absolutely no sense, has no direction, and if it doesn’t make you nauseous  then you probably weren’t paying attention. This video has 6.5 million views on YouTube so far.
  • Kreayshawn “Gucci Gucci”
    This video SUCKS. It looks like a bunch of spoiled rich kids trying really hard to be outrageous and hardcore but ended up looking like spoiled rich kids with an early onset crack addiction. Watching Rebecca Black’s “Friday” video replay for 26 hours straight while hanging upside down in a straight jacket covered with snakes would be more desirable than watching this video a second time. It has 6 million views on YouTube so far.
  • Tyler, The Creator “Yonkers”
    It’s probably safe to assume that MTV deliberately put this video directly above Black and Yellow, which is fine, because it is the closest thing to a contender as far as creativity is concerned. But Wolf Haley is no Bill Paladino, and Tyler, the Creator is no Wiz Kahlifa. That’s why no matter how man subtle knocks they throw at Wiz, he just ignores them and continues growing. This video has 15.5 million views on YouTube so far.
  • Wiz Khalifa “Black and Yellow”
    Ah, last but not least, Bill Paladino’s masterpiece video salute to Pittsburgh, the Steelers, This video has it all! Terrible Towels, smokestacks at Waterfront, Pirates hats, Steelers Super Bowl ring sweatshirt, bridges, downtown skyline. It even shows the dreaded **** sign on the steel Building! Filmed in the Burgh, by a Pittsburgher, about Pittsburghers, for Pittsburgh. Oh yeah, and it’s the Steelers Anthem, need we say more? This video has 90 million views so far.

Just based on view count alone, Wiz won. “Black and Yellow” has more views than the other four videos combined.

Do I have to sign up to cast my vote?

We hate signing up for stuff too. Thankfully, MTV made it really easy to vote. If you don’t want to register (which takes less than a minute for fast typerst) you can use your Facebook account to log in and cast your vote (similar to using Facebook Connect to comment on Boring Pittsburgh).

The video

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