Normally a Bing commercial wouldn’t make it on Boring Pittsburgh, but we thought you would appreciate this one with Wiz Khalifa. The inspirational monologue is enhanced by the uplifting track “When I’m Gone” – the first song on his platinum selling Rolling Papers album.

By his tone, and what he has to say, it sounds like Wiz has matured and has a tight grasp on what he’s doing… as well as the empire he’s building. Despite some internet trolls implying that he was breaking up weed in the beginning, he was actually cracking an egg. That’s your brain on drugs.

I’m Wiz Khalifa…

A lot of people don’t get the chance to like hang around me and see who I really am.

I think people are getting the hang of me.

You gotta work hard, you gotta work like it’s day one, and waking up and doing the things that nobody really has to tell me to do.

I remember being that kid, you know, and it wasn’t that long ago when I was that kid.

Most imortant to me is staying normal, and letting all of this happen around me.

We do it, we do it big man.

Wiz Khalifa Bing Originals YouTube Commercial

Wiz Khalifa Bing Originals Commercial

Footage by @BillPaladino? Looks like it, but we’re still trying to confirm.