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MTV VMAs Wiz Khalifa vs. Tyler The Creator?

Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose at the MTV VMAs
Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose at the MTV VMAs

If there ever was a time when Kanye West ought to have interrupted an award show, it was tonight. Why is everyone so surprised that Tyler, The Creator won Best New Artist? Because it doesn’t make any sense.

Actually, it’s questionable whether Wiz Khalifa should’ve even been nominated for the “Best New Artist“. This guy clearly skipped over that phase of his career and jumped right into the deep waters of the music industry to swim with the big fish. Sure, he had a few mix-tapes before he reached this level of stardom, but his first studio album (Rolling Papers) sold about 200,000 records and hit #2 on the US Billboard chart within the first week of being released. The first single from that album was Black and Yellow, which reached #1 position on the Billboard Hot 100!

To this day “Black and Yellow” has 96 million views on youTube.

Tyler the who?

Tyler The Creator on Google Trends
Tyler The Creator on Google Trends

It’s no surprise that at the time of writing this article, “tyler the creator” ranked as the most searched term on Google. That’s because nobody knows who he is.

Two months after Rolling Papers was available in stores, Tyler released his Goblin album. First week sales were a measly 45,000, and as of last week (about 3 months since the initial release), his album has sold approximately half of the amount that Wiz sold in just the first week of Rolling Papers.

To this day “Yonkers” has 19 million views on YouTube.

Were votes misplaced?

The VMAs were held in Los Angeles. Guess where Tyler, The Creator is from… Los Angeles. Not to imply that he had some help, but the video views and album sales do all the talking. Wiz Khalifa was the clear winner of this competition, yet someone else walked away with a Moonman statue that was presented by Taylor Lautner – how’s that for a degree of Burgh separation?

Here’s the so-called winner’s acceptance speech:

Yo, I’m excited as f*ck right now, yo. I wanted this sh*t since I was nine. I’m about to cry. This is for my little brother Earl. He’s not here right now. I really can’t believe I’m here right now. I didn’t write a thank you speech. I don’t know. F*ck. To all the kids watching, you can do this sh*t. Thank you.

Needless to say, this isn’t the first time the Video Music Awards have lost their credibility, but it’s the last time we’ll be tuning in to give them another chance.

Wiz Kalifa's reaction on Twitter after the MTV VMA
@RealWizKalifa's reaction on Twitter after the MTV VMA's

What others are tweeting:

SanamSanamelli_2112 – Wiz Khalifa’s fake accounts have more followers that Tyler The Creator…a bit weird that he won if you ask me…

Edward WillisBigEd2312 – tyler the creator won a VMA award???? has to be false information

NoneyaLuvaofLuv – i think some of the awards were rigged i.e. tyler the creator

Tyler, The Creator’s acceptance speech

Wiz and his gf Amber Rose at the VMAs

Wiz on “Best New Artist” nomination

Call us biased, but
Wiz Khalifa should have won.

  • Lame Show

    I’m more shocked that people still watch the VMA’s.

  • East412

    Tyler the creator is boring

    • JeremyWolf

      Your boring

  • Miles

    You have to admit Yonkers was a pretty creative video. When I first saw it I was blown away. It made me think he deserved his name ‘The Creator’. I don’t think his lyrics necessarily live up to that title, but he did direct the video himself too.

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  • Monty Mcfadden

    Saying Tyler the Creator beat Wiz Kahlifa in the MTV awards is like saying Bush beat Gore in the 2000 election.

    • kc

      well bush did beat gore in 2000 an for sum crazy ass reason tyler beat wiz

  • sml

    I’ve seen Tyler the Creator and/or OFWGKTA get a ton of buzz on the Internet and nationally known music websites, as well as at sxsw. The only times I see anything about Wiz Khalifa are on Pittsburgh websites. Basically, I would’ve known about Tyler the Creator if I lived anywhere, but probably only know Wiz Khalifa from living in Pittsburgh.

    I never listen to either artist though, so I’m not basing this on musical quality, only the amount of buzz I perceive from the news/reviews that come through with the music sites I visit. It could be a case of Arcade Fire’s Grammy win — deserved and respected by music critics, but people are going to complain just because they don’t happen to know who the winner is.

    • mkm


    • http://jamz Jamz

      TTC has no record of achievement compared to Wiz Khalifa at this point in time. This Best New Artist category isn’t about how much buzz you can create on the internet by shocking people, it’s about the BEST NEW ARTIST. You are wrong about Wiz Kahlifa not being known outside of Pittsburgh. He is know worldwide. To back that up, he just got off a sold out tour that included at least 5 dates outside of the United States. That never happens that fast after a rapper hits maintream.

    • ron


      • EthioBoi

        Tylers songs are wayyy to explicit for radio

      • OFWGKTA

        actually Yonkers plays on the radio

    • kc

      well i live on the eastcoast an never heard of tyler until the awards night an everyone i know around here has never heard of tyler but we hear alot about wiz i mean over here he kinda like one of the top 5 rappers on the eastcoast over the past 8 months .. i mean i dont kn where ur from but if u live on the westcoast im pretty sure uv never heard of plies or dont here alot about him if u ever had heard of him becuz east side dont here about west side up an commin rappers an west side dont here about east sides up an comming rappers .. tyler won it becuz the award show was in la where his was born an lives ..

  • nick diamondz

    tgod but you have to read tyler’s twitter from when he was as the vma’s!/fucktyler good shit felt like i was right there with him. wiz dont even be on twitter no more like he used to be. idk maybe he is busier now.

  • Sam

    Still, isn’t this awards show just about the music videos? I don’t really think it had anything to do with number of albums sold, popularity, etc.

  • anonymous

    Quite honestly, Tyler the Creator’s music video showed way more musical, and cinematographic creativity then Wiz Khalifa’s Black and Yellow. Black and Yellow mainly features nice motion camera views of Pittsburgh skylines, of Wiz Khalifa leaving his mother’s house to ride his yellow challenger and etc. The video is nothing short of Wiz Khalifa showcasing his hometown and Taylor Gang, nothing too mindblowing. Tyler the Creator, however, actually help directed his own music video which not only employs interesting camera zoom in/outs but also has deeper symbolic value, aka cockroach representing mainstream media. His pitch black eyes representing how his consumption of mainstream media has not only made him greedy and evil but also blind to the true rap game. As much as I love Pittsburgh, Tyler the Creator stayed true to his hip hop roots while Wiz became a sell out. The VMAs made a good choice

    • Jamz

      I agree. But wasn’t this a category, not for the best video, but for the best overall new artist?

      It’s an award show centered around music videos, but that one category is not. It’s not called Best Video From a New Artist, it’s just Best New Artist.

    • Mike Li

      I don’t get why people call Wiz Kahlifa a sell out just because he is getting so big. It’s like everyone strive to ‘make it’ but then making it turns against you because you will be called a sell out for making it.

    • BLOW

      Best new artist = Wiz Kahlifa
      Best new artist video = Tyler the Creator

  • Fghhhhg

    Because all of khalifas songs are about the same shit weed bitches and Pittsburg. Old wiz was dope but Tyler is clearly more talented.

  • aRodB

    Does anyone on here really listen to hip-hop? Wiz has been around for a minute, 1st album came out in 2006 – so he should have never been in this category.

    As far as the award being rigged? Doubt it, Tyler is a game changer, Wiz used to be hot but has sacrified some cred to to sell records

    • Boring Pittsburgh

      That was the idea in the first section of the article. It’s questionable whether he should have been nominated for this or not. Best Male Video or Best Hip-Hop Video would be more appropriate. Black and Yellow was probably one of the top most viewed videos out of the entire show…

      Would Breakthrough Artist have been a better title for the category?

  • 412hiphop

    YO imma keep it 100 on here…im from pittsburgh born and raised son…I grew up with everyone in Taylorgang and known wiz for a while..we all grew up in the same neighborhood..But 4real not even mad that Tyler won that award..Im happy for the brotha!..My city is hatin hard on Tyler and sometimes u gotta give respect to get respect…Good music is simply just good music..Wiz won the B.E.T Best new artist award…so i feel like hey..their are other new artist out here thats doing their thing as well..and deserves an award also..wiz aint the only new artist out here..U gotta Be humble in this game…I dont really listen to Wiz music all like that..but i do like a couple songs he has..and the same goes for tyler….ey man..let the brotha get his shine on for a lil bit…im not mad either way..cuzz lets be real..what these dudes eat dont make me shit!…And Thats real..Pray n Push

    • Steel Mic

      Best comment I seen on twitter, facebook, and this site combined. Real talk.

  • Frances

    Neither of them are creative (as far as lyrics)…Wiz has fucking Dr. Seuss rhymes, Tyler can’t put a decent verse together because it’s always way too boring and straight forward, he has no concept of metaphors, wordplay, or creativity within his lines, he’s really just a bad rapper. However he’s hilarious, appeals to A LOT of kids, he has funny videos, and his music videos are extremely creative. Wiz Khalifa is high out of his mind all the time, and he can’t focus on making quality ANYTHING. Videos, singles, albums.. He. is. trash. He’s trash. Big Sean > any other nominees easily. Kreayshawn lmfao…if she won I really would’ve thrown my TV out of the window. Same with Wiz, he’s garbage. Like the VMA’s are bullshit they really are. and people actually get into it. Sad.

    • 412hiphop

      I agree on what ur sayin about the vma’s being bullshit..cuzz they r..and so is B.E.T. People need to wake up if u ask me..All this cat n the bullshit music be pissin me off..But thats what the game is now..Its sad when so called artist who cant rap for shit can come out with a song and it be a smash hit!..But then u have real good rap artist out here that can spit lyrics for days..and they cant get a hit if they life depended on it..and 4real 4real thats sad. Their is so much true natural talent out here including in my city (Pittsburgh) thats not getting looked at for nothing..and why??? Well if ur not rappin like Waka, or Gucci, or Soulja Boy u just aint gonna make it..and that shit really trips me out.!..The Rap Game has went str8 to Hell..(sighs)

      • Pgh Filmer

        True artists usually don’t make as much money as the business savvy ones, because the business savvy ones are more flexible, while true artists are usually stubborn and unwavering. Nothing wrong with either path, just different.

      • Frances

        right? Like where was Kendrick Lamar as a best new artist nominee? he’s beyond EVERYONE right now but sadly people don’t open their eyes to see the truth

      • rap-went-wrong

        They all sold out to thug culture yo. I like early rap like ’80s stuff. Fat Boys, Run DMC, Eric B. & Rakim, LL Cool J. Now almost all rap is about hoes, being in a club as VIP, getting money, or gangsta thug shit that glorifies criminality. It’s ridiculous. Wow so some rapper has many women, lots of money and was in a gang hurting innocent people, SO WHAT? Does that make them worthy of respect or admiration? Does that make them a real man? Does that help to lift up their community? Does it provide a good role model to youth? Not at all. That just shows they are serving Satan not Jesus. And I agree Whiz Kalifah is all about weed. It’s like his life revolves around it. It’s not healthy to want to escape reality all the time like that.

  • 412hiphop

    Not all true artist are stubborn and unwavering…They just dont get looked at for any type of business or business in the future..Like i said if they aint out here makin bull shit music then they are not getting looked at…and thats when some true artist change they image up..and start making that n sync pop rap shit…just to get a buck.

    • Blame Game

      A sad truth.

    • Gary Whiner


  • Level5Taylored

    Wiz Tweets Said It All. Humble Dude Til The End. TGOD

  • Rapadvice

    They only like you when you’re poor and unknown, but when you start getting money and fame they turn into some jealous ass mothafuckas.

    Go ahead, make your “real hip-hop” you broke ass mothafuckas. You’ll have a lot to rap about after swiping your food stamp card and drinking your no name liquor outa plastic bottles.

    • 412hiphop

      So basically your sayin..that if your spitting real hip hop u aint shit?!?!? -_- (sighs). Dammn..yea..ur comment is a prime example of why the rap game is truly fucked! If it wasnt for real hip hop..none of thes dammn artist would be here today..PERIOD! So lets seee..hmmmm so i guess Nas is a broke ass mothafucka….Busta a broke ass mothafucka…..Most Def is a broke ass mothafucka Talib Kweli is a broke ass mothafucka..and Common is a broke ass mothafucka ..huh..Psh Com’on Son!! I can keep going with the list of real hip hop artist 4real thats gettin money and still in the game shittin on the majority of these rappers out now…but thats just to name a few…its crazy how people can easily get brainwashed when it comes to this rap shit..Matter fact someone was just talking about how they think Gucci Mane can spit better Nas….?!?!?!?!?!? 0.o Yea i told that person to go run into a wall at full speed to kill theyself for that..smdh

      • Rapadvice

        Clarification. Real Hip-Hop is in quotes because that’s the distinction most of the haters use to judge another emcee. I just hate how as soon as a rapper like Wiz Kahlifa starts getting airtime on radio,mtv,bet… his once upon a time fans start talking shit about yeah…he used to be good. He’s still good but his story has changed and he’s not catering to small mind localites anymore. And if Nas and the others you listed are getting such serious paper then why are they still talking the same old bullshit about the projects and the hood? That’s not keeping it real. It’s all theatrics, they might as well have joined Gaga and dressed like a woman.

      • Rapadvice

        Why you giving everything thumbs down?

  • 412hiphop

    Ok..ur sayin its all theatrics…well not to hate on Wiz..but isnt he doing the same thing?!?! Shit 4real 4real..isnt alot of rappers out here doing that shit!?!??..Its not about theatrics..they r simply giving something for ya everyday struggle people to relate the hell can someone thats still in the hood or..strugglin relate to some rapper talking about rich things..and having exotic cars..or having high priced materials???..Shit they dont have im pretty sure they dont wanna hear that shit..Now that type of music is simply called Brag n stunt music…And im not tryin to give a thumbs down on Speakin my mind on how i think the rap game is now..#thatisall

  • j

    Wiz isnt even a new artist. Hes been around for years, but is recently going mainstream. Most of you probably dont even know what prince of the city is. Tyler worked way harder the wiz for that vma, and its apparent he didnt even think he was gonna win because he didnt even know what to say. He probably thought “how the fuck did i win?” also. That was his dream to win that, cant you people just be happy for a young as man that reached his dream? You dont have to like him but you can at least show some respect. And dont get me wrong i like tyler and wiz, im just sayin it how it is.

  • edkor

    fuck wiz!
    tyler has more flow, realness and creativity!!!!

  • VIDEO MUSIC Awards

    Everybody misses the point of the VMA’s and how they are supposed to give out awards. You are supposed to pick the best VIDEO, not individual. The award, “Best New Artist” goes to the person that has the best VIDEO out of a selection of new artists. The name just confuses people about it’s purpose. That’s why they attach the specific music video to the artist. All of you have to admit, Wiz had a very generic video for Black & Yellow, really nothing special at all. If you look at it that way, it would have been preposterous if Tyler didn’t win that award. Rare Kudos to MTV for disregarding the popular vote (we all know Wiz won by fan vote) and giving the moonman to the artist that truly deserved it. Award giving shows aren’t supposed to be popularity contests, even though that’s what they often turn out to be.

  • Evan

    Tyler’s video was dope but no way he had more people voting for him than wiz.

  • Mgwazo Ngoma

    The most biased review I’ve seen. “” where is Wiz Khalifa from? Pittsburgh. The award shouldn’t be based on the amount of youtube views someone has. Tyler produced both his albums pretty much by himself as well as the majority of OFWGKTA’s tracks. Not to mention he directed the music video that won it yonkers (as well as many others) himself, and it was a good original idea. Wiz is also good but my point is don’t listen to a review just because they state a load or irrelevant statistics.

    • Evan

      Then the awards show was biased too since it was held in LA also Tyler’s hometown. Your comment is baseless. This award was a popularity contest and Wiz is more popular. Knockout.

      • Epic Shrug

        I’m pretty sure your comment is baseless too since Katy Perry, a California resident, lost the best female video award to Lady Gaga, who is from NY. How do you explain that? The VMA winner selections have absolutely nothing to do with it’s location since the people who decide the winners come from all over the country. KO rescinded, bad reffing.

      • Evan

        @Epic Shrug Point made and received. But I was making a sarcastic reply to the comment above me, that, if this post if biased because it’s a Pittsburgh site, then based on his logic, the awards show could also be biased since it took place in LA.

  • Isaac Brakha

    u are a fukin idiot fuck you…… you fuckin idiot…

  • WGOD

    Tyler is an illuminati thats how he wtf….u people need to do ur research. oh and wiz smokes to much weed thats why he has a bald girlfriend.. Wolf gang all day.

  • Julian

    I have to disagree with everything in this article. To the mainstream fan, Tyler is unknown. But he has a cult following among his fans, who call themselves the “Wolf Gang.” They are dedicated, while Wiz’s fanbase watches MTV for laughable shows like Jersey Shore. Let’s face it, here. The award for Best New Artist is based on a single’s music video, and Tyler the Creator’s “Yonkers” is much more creative than that “let’s drive around in a car and drink” blabber videos that Wiz releases. Tyler is talented, creative, and deserves the award because he is a better artist. And I’m from Pittsburgh. Wiz is absolutely overrated. How he gets any recognition is shocking.

  • http://twitter@wyattferguson8 tyler

    i like wiz but tyler the creator do make all his own shit and he directs his videos and makes his beats lik really he doin the real music shit yuh feel me They both doin there thing but wiz switched up from prince of the city to were he at now tht why im not feelin him no more tyler tho stay doin his wild teenage shit

  • Your mother

    Tyler the Creator is so more creative than wiz (no pun intended). Seriously wiz kinda sold out.Tyler’s lyrics may sometimes be wack but they are always deep and heartfelt unlike wiz khalifas. He definantly deserved best new artist even his less popular songs sound good I.e. “Couch” and “Pigeons”.

  • trueNiggaShit

    man, i totally agree on this shit that tyler shouldn’t have won. but you need to work on not having such biased journalism. more people know who tyler is than you think, and to say the reason why he’s #1 on google searches because people don’t know him is just ignorant. when you have fans and followers of the millions, kids search these artists to gather more information about them and to follow the movement. its not 38 year old moms who saw his name on the TV and wanted to know who he was like you’re implying.

    • Gary Whiner

      The Internet is a beautiful place. Only on the Internet will you find someone with the words “nigga” and “shit” in their handle telling others about biased journalism while at the same time using incorrect grammar and punctuation. Thank you, Internet.

  • ryanjenovic

    you guys are dumb as fuck. its called BEST new artist. not MOST PROFITABLE or MOST POPULAR. wiz khalifa continuously raps about weed, girls, cars, money, drinking, etc. i like listening to wiz. all that shits cool. but doing the SAME thing as almost every other rapper SHOULDN’T win you an award. if you actually took the time to listen to tyler’s shit you would realize he’s creative as fuck. he doesn’t sit there and write shit you don’t even have to think about like wiz. tyler makes you think and paints crazy ass pictures with words. he IS the best new artist because he’s the most talented and original and creative and unique. in some songs he can be crazy and say some insane shit and in others he can get deep as fuck. in EVERY wiz song he talks about the SAME shit and its the SAME shit as every other rapper. i listened to wiz way before i listened to tyler and yeah i still like it. it sounds good, its catchy…but tyler is definitely better. shit…earl is better too. fuck whoever posted this article. moron.

  • ryanjenovic

    go browns

  • yuggaaa

    uhh, wiz khalifa isnt a new artist. he has songs like “say yeah” and shit, and wasn’t even signed yet. but, neither was tyler. so shut the fuck up you actually know nothing about anything.

  • Byrdman859

    well i think everybody is caught up in how popular people are rather then how talented they are, like foreal i like wiz, and @ the dipshit that made this blog rolling papers blew cock, and everytime i hear black and yellow or roll up or on my level im like “aggggghhhhhh turn eht shit off” listen to kush and oj fam, shit go’s way harder then rolling papers……..fuck fame tyler is a monster wiz khalifa just did a fucking song with maroon 5 (lamest shit to date)

  • Idiots

    Wiz Khalifa has fallen off, he sucks lol.
    >youtube views
    Youtube views mean absolutely nothing, Black and Yellow is a shitty song.
    No wonder I’ve never heard of this site, you guys have shitty taste in music.

    • Boring Pittsburgh

      Not shitty taste in music, just loyalty to our local artists. Relax.

  • Anonymous

    This is seriously one of the dumbest articles I’ve ever read. “Y DIDNT WIZ KALIFER WIN?? HE HAS MOR VIEWS AN LYKES ON DA INTERNETZ THAN TYLER DOES HURR DURR” Shut the fuck up. It’s about the music. Not how many fucking twitter followers they have. This website shouldn’t even exist because you dumbasses don’t know shit about music.

  • Derrick

    God! When it comes to Tyler’s haters and wiz’s dick riders. You gotta be number 1 at both. That’s your opinion. To me Tyler deserved that award. Your just mad cause some mainstream fucking rapper didn’t win. Plus to me. All wiz raps about is how high he gets, how much weed he smokes. And how fucked up he gets on it. At least Tyler’s some of Tyler’s songs have meaning to them and express his feelings.

  • No

    New artist shit head wiz had been floating around a while before tyler golfwang fag

  • Marleeee

    You fagget stfu . I like both but Tyler the Creator deserved that award you idiot . Likes on YouTube or how many followers you have on Twitter dont mean nothing Tyler the Creator is a great rapper and his music has meaning to it unlike most rappers that all rap about the same thing over and over again

  • Ilikepopularrichfakepeople

    It’s not a popularity contest. It’s about art, and the expression of it. Maybe Tyler is a little more creative?

  • guest

    Tyler the creator is the best .

  • guest

    Wiz dnt really express his feelings as tyler the creator . Tyler has more thought to it . So wt if there was sum werid thing of views . Its more abt the thoughts into it .

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