These young Pittsburgh rappers got kicked out of the Ross Park Mall and banned for 5 years during the making of this music video.

Woo412 decided to roll up to a mall in the suburbs to get some shots for their new music video. Apparently they were approached by a mall security guard who asked them to put their recording equipment away. This would make sense if they had a full Hollywood crew with lighting and microphone equipment, which could potentially be disruptive and take up lots of space, but a normal handheld recording device is nothing out of the ordinary.

The mall quite possibly has a rule against recording on the premises, but it probably applies to the example described above. In a time of digital cameras in every cell phone, vlogging, etc, there is no possible way a mall could police every single instance of recording. Another example, what if someone is using FaceTime on their iPhone? Technically it would be transmitting a live image of the mall as they were walking and talking down the halls.

Even if they were just being some punks walking around the mall, isn’t that what the mall is for? Haven’t you seen Mall Rats? This is a generation of internet shoppers. And malls are what they used to be when arcades were around. Malls are boring (and overpriced). Ross Park mall should be happy that young people dare to navigate the traffic and speed-trap infested McKnight Road to visit their mall.

Video directed by @BrandonDull

Even if you hate rap music, or cannot bear to stomach the language within the song itself, it’s nice to see a group of young local artists doing something with their time other than browsing Facebook and Twitter. At least they are busy creating something! There are a lot worse things kids could be doing, just sayin’.

Warning: Malls have cameras that record every step you take, so that security guards can watch it and laugh at you (just ask this lady), but you cannot record every step you take while in the mall?

Woo412 gets kicked out of Ross Park Mall

(NSFW: language)