Thinking good and feeling great! How’s that for a positive message? With a catchy beat and a hook that will be repeating in your head hours after you see the video, Pittsburgh rapper Yung Ka tells you about the ringer he’s been put through.

Haters tend to say I like to hide behind my illness/
Impossible like hiding a giant behind some children/

The illness Bob Stewart aka Yung Ka is referring to is cancer and a disease known as peritonitis.

It’s been hard I got the scares to show it/
Nightmare memories, yeah it’s hard to focus/

Unlike a lot of other tough-guy rappers, Yung Ka doesn’t need to rock a pitt bull on a leash like it’s jewelry. The 17 year old cancer survivor his more hard-core than a lot of street thugs will ever be, and he has a beautiful golden retriever in his debut video.

So you can get your weapon chamber, pull it n’ cocked/
It’s not scarier than what my doctors do, bullets or not/

Despite the pain and the fear, the young rapper gives his audience wise insight into how he’s been able to endure:

Only reason I’m here, is cuz I’m positive/
Speak my life into this mic, yeah I’m talkative/
Always find solutions, no matter what the problem is/
Easier to see the top, knowin’ where the bottom is/

After this post, Yung Ka’s story will have you looking at things differently… like he had Wiz Khalifa doing back in June 2010.

RealWizKhalifachopped it up wit a kid named bobby who made me look at my music n why I do it differently

We’ll allow Yung Ka to conclude with these sentiments:

You could say it’s entirely depressing… it’s not/
Yung Ka got a bottle half full in his thoughts/

Listen to more of @yungka412‘s music here, and watch his videos here. He also blogs here.