PGH vs PIT How do you abbreviate Pittsburgh?

How do YOU abbreviate Pittsburgh?

@ColinDean from PittcoLAN (both #BurghVerified) took a brief public poll yesterday about the most popular way to abbreviate Pittsburgh. The native Burghers out there might think this question is a waste of time because the locals here automatically default to the PGH abbreviation. However, it’s a very good question since most outsiders think PIT is the proper way to abbreviate the Steel City.

This is also an important consideration for new businesses and online usernames. As you know, one of our aliases here at Boring Pittsburgh is BoringPGH… Since “BoringPittsburgh” was one character too long for a Twitter account, we agreed that BoringPGH was the next best thing. BoringPIT? No thanks. BoringPittsburg? Even worse.

Why do some people think PIT is it? Because that’s our airport code – and sometimes used for stuff like sports scores. This is a terrible argument for establishing a standard abbreviation. No one in their right mind would refer to Los Angeles as LAX, nor would you see street vendors selling “I <3 JFK” t-shirts in Times Square (unless they’re talking about the former President of course).

A total of 67 people answered the question:

60 – PGH
4 – PIT
2 – YNZ
1 – YINZ

About 90% of the participants said they use PGH to abbreviate the Burgh. YNZ and YINZ probably shouldn’t be included since they are obviously facetious responses (@MichaelSally lol), so the actual results are closer 94% of Pittsburghers use PGH to abbreviate Pittsburgh.

Pic sent in by @sleepgh:

Sleepgh says that KDKA says PGH

Sleepgh says that KDKA uses PGH

Which one is it, Pittsburgh?

Find the original post by Colin Dean on his site CAD.CX