Eating Alone - Are you comfortable enough with yourself?

Are you comfortable enough with yourself? (pic taken at phi bar by @TapiocaNaif)

Being caught in the act of eating by yourself seems unpopular in Pittsburgh. Same applies to being alone in other public places such as clubs, bars, sporting events, concerts, movies, etc. It’s not exactly the easiest town to meet new people, but staying home because you don’t have anyone to join you reduces the chances to zero.

How do you feel about dining at a table… for one?

Despite the nickname TableforOne, Boring Pittsburgh’s food critic is often accompanied by a fellow foodie while exploring new eats and treats around the Burgh. His intricately woven reviews stimulate the web of taste buds on your tongue up to Broca’s area of your brain – but how the unconscious mind handles the moniker is a different story.

Is eating alone really that bad? Does it mean you’re a loser? Is our culture that insecure? Do we really need how to guides for it?! So we want to know…

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