Friday , 22 May 2015

Poll: Are You Comfortable With Eating Alone in Public?

Eating Alone - Are you comfortable enough with yourself?
Are you comfortable enough with yourself? (pic taken at phi bar by @TapiocaNaif)

Being caught in the act of eating by yourself seems unpopular in Pittsburgh. Same applies to being alone in other public places such as clubs, bars, sporting events, concerts, movies, etc. It’s not exactly the easiest town to meet new people, but staying home because you don’t have anyone to join you reduces the chances to zero.

How do you feel about dining at a table… for one?

Despite the nickname TableforOne, Boring Pittsburgh’s food critic is often accompanied by a fellow foodie while exploring new eats and treats around the Burgh. His intricately woven reviews stimulate the web of taste buds on your tongue up to Broca’s area of your brain – but how the unconscious mind handles the moniker is a different story.

Is eating alone really that bad? Does it mean you’re a loser? Is our culture that insecure? Do we really need how to guides for it?! So we want to know…

After answering above, please comment below.


  • Kevin P.

    I just don’t like how some restaurants act weird if I go in alone. Eating out is supposed to be more of a social thing IMO.

  • Christy

    I don’t mind eating alone, but I usually try to play with my phone before the food is served. Otherwise I feel kinda awkward sitting alone and having no one to talk to.

  • Snarkalark

    There is a Facebook group called “Seeing an old person eating alone at a restaurant depresses me.”

    • Violet

      I can find no such group on Facebook. Perhaps they all got old and died.

      I don’t mind eating alone, but it isn’t ideal. It depends upon the restaurant. In an upscale place I keep feeling they are looking at me and wondering if I might be there to pick up trade. It’s all very strange. Single women dressed up and eating alone seems at times, to be a nervewracking site for certain restaurants in the “Burgh”. :/

  • Dan

    People who go to restaurants alone are creepers. period!

    • http://na Keebs

      You are a creeper. Period!

  • PGH Filmer

    I love going to the movies alone. And don’t mind eating by myself either.

  • 15212

    I’ll eat anything, anywhere. Now going to the movies alone is just lame because you won’t have anyone to talk to.

    • S

      You don’t go to the movies to talk.

  • Suzie

    I am a single woman who likes to travel. When I visit Pittsburgh next year will I be stared at during every meal? If so I plan on acting crazy or bawling into my soup just to give ppl a fun story!

  • Plut0

    Eating alone is fine. Drinking alone is for losers.

  • Jeff Fuller

    The weird thing is some people feel bad for people eating alone. However, if you look around I often see married couples eating without a word being spoken between the two. They might as well be eating alone!

    • Boring Pittsburgh

      Excellent point!

  • raph

    Eating isn’t really a social activity. It’s a biological necessity of continuing existence. Man made culture has just warped it into more than what it is and popculture engineered social stigmatisms to those not willing to conform to man made nonsense. If eating is really a “social” event then let me ask you why are there laws against having sex in a public place or most couples choose an intimate setting to copulate and why do most people take a crap with the bathroom door closed? Eating is special because we made it that way to make more money. Staff look at you strange when you come in alone because they assume a bad tip

  • TableforOne

    Haha! It just a curd to me that I was mentioned by name in this article. About thyme.

    Anyways, I think Pittsburghers are confident enough to eat by themselves. Its a great way to meet people, its a great way to be alone with your thoughts, and its a great way to be sure that nobody sees it when you spill that Primanti Sammich slaw on your tie.

    • Raph

      60% claim they have the cajones to eat alone but talk is cheap people should post pics of themselves eating alone in the comments.

      • Boring Pittsburgh

        Even better, post pictures of other people eating alone!

  • Leroy

    There is a how to guide for eating alone? Society is screwed up more than I thought.

  • Kanezzer

    I’m a 23-year old female and I’ve been eating alone for years, even though I have plenty of friends and I date. There is no shame in eating alone. I find it fulfilling sometime, knowing that I don’t have to rely on others to make myself feel ‘normal.’ There is nothing wrong with enjoying solitude and time to yourself. And I don’t think anyone has looked down on me for it. You should respect and not pity people who eat alone because they are comfortable enough to do it.
    And movies alone are good too…you get to actually enjoy it without someone whispering their opinion to you throughout. Whatever happened to digesting and appreciating something for yourself? If you can’t balance a social life with personal time, you’re too reliant and That’s a problem. Being alone is empowering, and doesn’t need to be any more than once a week to produce that effect.

  • fran

    I’v allways wished i could be out alone eating or drinking, but just feel uncomfortable,Every one seems to stare.
    Majority of people i see alone all look nervus, it’s strange i feel bad for them and yet i cant do it.
    I am going to challenge my self and see if i can over come this weired and waky isue, because i do belive i am to reliant on others and thats a problem.
    To think of all the posibilitys i have missed out on in life, if onley i was more comfortable being by my self. Thats more sad then anything.
    I have to agree, being alone would be empowering.

  • Cj

    I’m in college now and I live on campus so I have to go to the dining hall. I don’t really like sitting with people unless they invite me over so I usually sit and eat alone. (since I have no friends yet). It doesn’t bother me to sit alone it just bothers me that everyone around me is sitting with other people and laughing and I’m kinda the black sheep of the dining hall. I also feel like center of attention since I’m one of the very few that actually eat alone and don’t travel in groups.

    • http://na Keebs

      Don’t you have roomates you can eat with? If you are a freshmen, you will meet people soon enough. There’s nothing wrong with sitting alone in the dining hall, but you will get more out of college if you get out and meet people. Try things that make you cringe. Don’t like hanging around people? Join a frat. The professor’s aren’t going to teach you a damn thing, so you have to make the most out of your college years and teach yourself as much as possible… starting with teaching yourself how to get out of your comfort zone and adapt to different situations. Nothing will prepare you for the job world more than that. Good luck!

      • Ruth

        I agree that it’s good to get out and meet people, and that college is a time for trying new things. But don’t forget that being alone is a good skill to develop.

        Also … you *can* learn things from your professors, and there is something important about the in-class education you receive at college. Don’t abandon that part altogether: just don’t limit yourself to the in-class portion while you’re at college.

      • Cj

        I’m a sophomore transfer actually, and no I don’t have a roommate. I did get invited to pledge a frat though and I accepted so hopefully that will help me branch out and meet new people. I honestly gave it a try the meeting new people thing but I’m fairly socially awkward so I just do better on my own in my little bubble of insanity. I’ll keep trying though. I just want to make sure I’m ok with being alone and allow people to come to me instead of constantly trying to get close to people who want nothing to do with me.

  • Ruth

    All y’all (er … yinz …) need to watch this video ( and read this article (

    • Boring Pittsburgh

      Thanks for sharing, that’s awesome!

  • Boring Pittsburgh

  • Elaine

    I live in Atlanta,Ga and I have never been to Pittsburgh, PA. I am comfortable eating alone because I live alone. If I eat at home, I eat alone. If I eat in public, I’m still eating alone. What difference does it make? The only good thing about eating at home is that I save money.

  • Billy

    I dont have many friends so I am always going to restaurants, sporting events, movies, the beach, etc. by myself. Often, I wonder what other people think of me. Am I just paranoid or are my thoughts reasonable?

    • Toby Gagen

      Most of the time going to sporting events and movies alone is better because you can just enjoy it. People think you are a loner or weird, but who gives a fuck what other people think of you. If they actually cared, they would walk up to you and ask you to join them. People only care enough to talk shit or judge others so they feel better about their own shitty lives.

  • Angie

    There should be a meetup group specifically created for people who normally eat alone. I bet if they all got together they would end up being the coolest bunch of people. Anyone interested?

  • TraceeTrey

    As a women, I feel that eating alone in a restaurant will give off the impression that I’m lonely or there to pick up a man. Neither would be the reason.

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