Whole Foods Might be the Worst Parking Lot in Pittsburgh

Whole Foods Might be the Worst Parking Lot in Pittsburgh

Healthy eaters beware! All of the good stuff you put in your body may be counteracted by toxins created due to increased stress levels when parking at Whole Foods in Eastside.

If you typically shop for overpriced junk food from the other local grocers, then you’re in luck because those stores probably have a much better place to put your car. Seriously, the parking lot at Whole Foods sucks. Shame on the developers that planned that hell hole.

Boring Pittsburgh rates the WF parking lot the worst in the Burgh and here’s why:

  • The spots are too small and the lanes are too narrow. At any given time of the day you can find some jagoff’s arctic silver Mercedes taking up two spots. And forget about trying to drive around another vehicle, there’s barely enough room for two Smart cars!
  • The Centre Ave. entrance and exit of the parking lot are useless since people always go the wrong way anyway. When drivers try to enter the lot they are always blocked by other cars waiting for a parking space which creates congestion on Centre.
  • Pedestrians walk wherever they want with total disregard toward the cars and drivers trying to park. You could have a strobe light and a bull horn from the Gateway Clipper as your back-up warning and some lady with a shopping cart will keep walking behind you without flinching.

Vote for the worst parking lot in Pittsburgh. As you can see, the choices are biased (but if you beg to differ, feel free to add your comment below).

If you must eat healthy, our suggestion is stay home and eat dirt.