Pop vs. Soda: The Great Argument

Pop vs. Soda or is it a case of red states vs blue states?

An eight year old research project recently resurfaced and this site posed the question we all know the answer to: pop or soda?

1,631 Allegheny county residents participated in the original survey (and 1,410 of them admitted to using the word pop). That is more than any other county in Pennsylvania. In fact, that number is larger than any other county in the United States, except for Los Angeles county where 1,960 people responded (1,372 of LA people say soda). To put those numbers in perspective: LA county has about 9 times more people than Allegheny.

This indicates that Pixburghians are: 1. Extremely proud of they way they refer to carbonated high-fructose corn syrup beverages and 2. Bored.

Soda barely beat pop with only 1,140 more votes. Another oddball portion of respondents refer to it as “coke”. Anyone that asks for a Coke when pointing to orange Fanta should be admitted to Western Psych.

It’s quite surprising how many people outside of Pittsburgh say pop too. They must be transplanted Steeler fans! So, next time your friends make fun of your Pixburgh vocab, pull up this post and show them these stats.

Do you switch to “soda” when in the presence of outsiders from places like Cali or New York to avoid controversy?

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Pop vs. Soda Statistics

Pop vs. Soda Statistics (the pop side of things)

Pop vs. Soda (soda people)

Pop vs. Soda (soda people)

 Since the survey above is from 2003, let’s freshen things up a bit: