“The Steel Building Without UPMC” Gallery

The Steel Building the way it should be - without the UPMC logo!

The Steel Building the way it should be - without the UPMC logo!

The U.S. Steel Tower (aka the Steel Building) is a major part of Pittsburgh’s identity. It has been the tallest skyscraper in the Burgh’s skyline since 1970.

On June 2nd, President Obama was at Carnegie Mellon University for an important address on the economy. During his speech, the President mentioned Pittsburgh’s beloved Steel Building, and the four letters that have been polluting everyone’s view of downtown since early 2008.

Who would’ve thought that the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center’s logo would one day adorn the U.S. Steel Tower?

This speech was heard all over the world, and it was free advertising for UPMC. Every time someone on Mount Washington takes a picture of our beautiful city, the photo serves as free advertising for UPMC as well. It got us thinking about the situation and that boring sign.

Some facts:

  • UPMC does not own the Steel Building
  • It is not called the UPMC Building or UPMC Tower
  • It is the 35th tallest building in America
  • The building is 64 stories tall
  • U.S. Steel is the largest tenant in the building
  • UPMC, a nonprofit company, paid $750,000 for the sign
  • The UPMC letters are on all three sides of the building
  • Each letter is about 20 feet tall
  • The Pittsburgh Planning Commission actually rejected the sign once
  • Two weeks later, the vote was passed, granting permission to erect the sign
  • UPMC top executives have offices in the “penthouse” of the building

Take the poll:

Ok, now what?

It’s no secret that Pittsburghers hate that damn sign, but we feel like there’s nothing we can do about it, so we just try our best to ignore it. Well, there is something we can do about it!

Boring Pittsburgh is putting together a photo gallery of the Steel Building the way it’s supposed to be. Send us your pictures from before the letters were installed, and newer pics with the logo edited out ! We’ll post them for you here in the “No UPMC on the Steel Building Museum”.

Pittsburgh's beautiful skyline without ugly logos!

Pittsburgh's beautiful skyline without advertising

The U.S. Steel Tower overlooking the Civic Arena... No UPMC logo!

The U.S. Steel Tower overlooking the Civic Arena...

Looking up at a beautiful Steel Building without the UPMC logo

Looking up at a beautiful Steel Building without the UPMC logo

Pittsburgh's U.S. Steel Tower 64 stories into the sky...

Pittsburgh's U.S. Steel Tower 64 stories into the sky... No UPMC

The second most beautiful skyline in the world... without the UPMC logo

The second most beautiful skyline in the world... without the UPMC logo

U.S. Steel Tower with UPMC logo edited

U.S. Steel Tower with UPMC logo edited

Pittsburgh's Steel Building with UPMC edited out

Pittsburgh's Steel Building with UPMC edited out

Life Flight helicopter pics submitted by Dave R:

Life Flight helicopter flying by the Steel Building with UPMC letter blocked

Life Flight helicopter flying by the Steel Building with UPMC letter blocked

Life Flight helicopter flying by the Steel Building blocking the UPMC letters

Life Flight helicopter flying by the Steel Building blocking the UPMC letters

Send us your pics! And please send this gallery to anyone you know who hates that damn sign!

  • Chelsea359

    You guys are awesome! After 2 years, I still can’t get used to that “damn sign”.

    • http://BoringPittsburgh.com Boring Pittsburgh

      Haha, thank you Chelsea!

  • http://best412 Best412

    Voted no. I never knew that building was a triangle. weird.

  • Chuck Borowitz

    I admire the Steel Tower everytime I go into Pittsburgh. Just imagine if they opened up the roof for tours and had a restaurant in the penthouse instead of executive offices.

    • http://savebraddock.org Brett Banditelli

      They DO have a restaurant. Every first Tuesday(or Thursday?) of the month the UPMC execs have the most expensive food from around the world there. So ya, you don’t get it, but there’s a restaurant:) Several sources within the tower confirmed this to us but we could never find out more. Afew months ago UPMC hired a chef for something like $140k/year or something insane. Once again, never figured out who they got, just they had the job out there.

    • Paul D.

      There was a restaurant on the top floor until 2001 or so – it was called “Top of the Triangle.”

      • http://BoringPittsburgh.com Boring Pittsburgh

        Did you ever eat there?

      • Paul D.

        Nope. I heard it was not all that good – and quite pricey of course. It seems that restaurants in high places with views are almost never all that great – the Grandview Ave/Mt Washington restaurants come to mind.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joleney Jolene Miklas

    Some people actually voted that they like it?

    • http://savebraddock.org Brett Banditelli

      Trolls. Can’t escape ’em.

  • JT

    The worst part is that now everyone has to have their name on a building…K&L Gates, Reed Smith, EQT and on and on. Our skyline looks like a traffic jam.

    • Best412

      Reminds me of the “Three Rivers Stadium” becoming “Heinz Field” with a big ketchup logo! And “Civic Arena” being turned into the “Mellon Arena”.

  • Jea

    that building is incredible and constructed entirely from pittsburgh steel i think.

  • stelle

    I actually have pictures of them putting the sign up by helicopter

  • Steve

    This is great. Were those pix from when the sign wasn’t on the building or were they edited?

  • Paul D.

    The logo has been disgusting since it went up, but in light of the likely failure of the last remaining alternative – West Penn/Allegheny Hospitals under UPMC’s monopolistic practices, and the overall state healthcare in the USA in general, the logo on the steel building positively turns my stomach.

    Any city in the world with the least bit of class does not allow big corporate logos atop their landmark buildings. Visit Manhattan, Chicago or San Francisco to see what I mean.

    Surely with enough outcry, we can get it taken down – then the Highmark Logo, then Federated, then K&L Gates and the rest. What is the plan?

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  • blackbird rider

    Just cause you got the monkey off your back doesn’t mean the circus has left town

    • http://BoringPittsburgh.com Admin

      LOL that’s a great comment! Thanks for sharing.

  • Real_World

    Hey folks, that magnificent building would be largely vacant were it not for UPMC occupying many floors of the building.

    • Chris

      I can tell you for sure, that the building would NOT be largely vacant without UPMC. They aren’t even the largest occupant.

      • http://www.facebook.com/solidarity Brett Banditelli

        They recently leased more, but up until I believe 4 months ago they only had 2 floors. There’d be no problem filling that building.

  • Paul D.

    1. UPMC’s occupancy of the building has nothing to do with despoiling the skyline with a big tacky sign. US Steel occupied the building for years without feeling the need to put their logo up there (and until recently, they wouldn’t have been allowed to).

    2. What is the not-for-profit UPMC, part of a public institution (U. Pitt.), and near healthcare monopoly doing spending OUR money, as captive patients and insurance premium payers, on that big expensive sign and those lavish TV ads?

    3. Cities with class do not allow big corporate logos in their landmark buildings. New York, Chicago, Toronto, and and San Francisco do not, among many others.

    • http://www.facebook.com/solidarity Brett Banditelli

      GREAT point on #3!

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  • leogurl35

    Honestly, get over it already.

    • Chele

      You do nto have love for your city nor your sustainibilty in this Country!

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  • 6502

    I can’t stand the damn sign. Also can’t forget Mercury Men and Dogma filmed there.

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  • Chele

    It’s about time that PITSBURGHERS stand up againast UPMC and let them know……

    IT IS A PRIVILEDGE to be BASED in the citty of PITTSBURGH.

    PITSBURGHERS UNITE and stand up for our city.

  • Truth

    You knuckleheads might wanna take a closer look at the New York and Chicago skylines at night before spouting “facts” about those classy cities without names on the buildings.

  • RRWood

    I think that all of the “corporate branding” on buildiings is an eyesore, along with the light pollution that they produce.

  • Christian

    Why are u calling Pittsburgh boring? If any thing it’s the most alive place in the world and it’s the city of champions! So what’s with the title?

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