Saturday , 30 May 2015

A Short Walk in East Liberty

Yes, that's a car bumper cleverly attached to a bicycle
Yes, that’s a car bumper cleverly attached to a bicycle

During a short walk through East Liberty there were a few sights worth sharing. First is the bumper bike! Have you ever seen that dude who rides around on a bicycle with a car bumper attached? Well, there it is chained up to that sign post. For all the bikers out there in the Burgh who are tired of inconsiderate Pittsburgh four-wheelers, this could be a great way to fight back!

Rejoicing over the new library
Rejoicing over the new library

The new Carnegie Library looks like it’s making great progress! Lots of people can’t wait for this place to reopen. Does anyone know if there will be a Crazy Mocha inside?

The Waffle Shop's changeable storytelling billboard
The Waffle Shop’s changeable storytelling billboard

The Waffle Shop was changing their storytelling billboard under the beautiful blue sky. The billboard reads:

People think I’m a ghost. I don’t know, it’s really hard to tell. I’m kind of like a ghost, and I might be invisible.

What the hell does that mean?

The best peanuts in Pittsburgh
The best peanuts in Pittsburgh

You have to meet the peanut man! What a nice fellow. This guy is a big Penguins fan and claims to have the best peanuts in Pittsburgh. He obviously read our Mike Lange post because he was shouting all of the quotes to drivers while they waited for the light to change. Cool penguins picture, too.


The Red Room Cafe closed. This sucks because we didn’t get a chance to eat there or visit the new 2 Red Lounge they added on. If only they could have held out a little longer for the area to really start buzzing. Maybe this place was ahead of its time… or, maybe this is Pittsburgh and we’d rather eat bad food at filthy restaurants. Just kidding. Check out the screenshots of Red Room’s site – their only two tweets might be an indication of the struggle they were facing. But come on now… businesses really shouldn’t use Twitter for complaining.

Red Room will be closed for an indefinite period
Red Room will be closed for an indefinite period
Red Room Pittsburgh's official Twitter account
Red Room Pittsburgh’s official Twitter account
  • http://@steeltownanthem Mundania

    I see that bumper bike guy riding around ALL the time! You should find out why he does that, I don’t get it!

  • Josh

    He uses the bumper to get the respect of an automobile from automobiles.

  • shari

    He just uses it as a gimmick to get money. I just saw him outside of silks and he had never thought of using it for that reason…

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