After 10 pedal pushing years, Pittsburgh buses are now 100% equipped with bicycle racks. That is super exciting news, but for a Rack ‘n Roll newbie, the excitement is dampened by slight apprehension. After all, those bike racks can be intimidating if you’ve never used one before!

What kinda jagoff stands at a bus stop with a bike? Everyone will be looking at me. I don’t wanna deal with the driver’s condescending attitude if I ask for help. What if I make the other riders late? Ah, forget it, I’ll just drive to work.

Thanks to BikePGH and Port Authority for working extremely hard to make sure every single PAT bus is bike friendly. Boring Pittsburgh didn’t want their efforts to be in vain, so we put together a video demonstration to show you how easy it is to be car-free in the Burgh.

Produced by Boring Pittsburgh
Directed/Edited by Dustin aka Immaturity Crew aka @TheBeardyBoy
Bike Rack Instructions by Stuart Strickland aka @Bus15237 aka UnicycleInTransit

“My Other Bike Is A Bike” -Stu