Broken traffic lights should be treated as a stop sign in Pittsburgh

When traffic lights go out in busy areas like Penn Ave in East Lib, you can find jagoff drivers who don’t know what to do with themselves. Throwing their hands in the air in a panic because they’re not sure whether to go or stop.

What to do at a broken traffic signal?

The answer is quite easy: STOP. That’s right, jagoff drivers, broken traffic lights automagically morph into stop signs, even on the busiest streets of Pittsburgh.

It’s scary how many people are clueless in this kind of situation. We’ve even seen PAT buss driver blow through broken light intersections. Hopefully this post will be shared around the Burgh to make it safer when the lights go out.

Proof from the Pennsylvania Driver’s Manual:

Pa Driver's License Manual - Stop at Broken Red Lights

Who to report broken traffic signals to in Pittsburgh?

You can fill out this 311 Response Center form or send a tweet to @PGH311.